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Friday, December 13, 2013

We believe


gentle JESUS
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
Look upon a little child.
Pity my simplicity,
Suffer me to come to thee.
Lamb of God, I look to thee,
Thou shalt my example be.
Thou art gentle, meek and mild,
Thou once was a little child.
Fain I would be as thou art,
Give me thy an obedient heart.
Thou art pitiful and kind,
Let me have thy loving mind.
Loving Jesus, little lamb,
In thy gracious hands I am,
Make me Savior what thou art,
Live thyself within my heart.

Christ came as a gentle, meek, and mild child. It is truly a miracle. I saw a sign in a nearby yard the other day. It Caught me a little by surprise. it said in big letters, ''WE BELIEVE''. You just looking at that would probably think they'' believe''
in Santa. Underneath the letters were a manger scene.. HOW PRECIOUS!! The thought started in my mind that urged this post.. Believing in MIRACLES.. Do you really believe in miracles?? I do. Miracles are performed everyday. They are all around us. Cancer survivors, recovered alcoholics, family members that have walked away from a wreck, etc. You understand what I mean.. Several Miracles were performed in the Bible , including  the feeding of the 5000, the Fourth Man in the Fire, the Parting of the Red sea,  Giving the sight to  blinded eyes, Calming the storm, with'' PEACE BE STILL''   But do you believe in the Miracle?? The miracle of Christ?  Life is full of miracles, whether we believe it or not.  We need to receive miracles JOYFULLY.. happy to receive them in to our lives, as they happen. We need to be thankful for them as we receive them.
The greatest miracle is when GOD sent His Son for us. I am thankful for this. This miracle calms fears, dries tears, takes care of our every need. He is always near. He is there for us. We can pray to Him for guidance and strength to get us through. This also helps with  NEGATIVE things. Negative people, negative attitudes, negative family members, negative issues going on all around us.. I want to surround myself with positive things at Christmas time. The Miracle of His Birth is a joyous occasion.  Think of all the Miracles you have witnessed in our your own life, and accept the Greatest Miracle.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Time's A Coming

 I really can not believe that it is here again... it just seems like we just put away our Christmas d├ęcor from last year..... I love this time of year. It seems like I just posted yesterday on here of Christmas happenings from last year.
 We recently had a few days off to go camping in Charleston. My mama and sister were able to go with us. We had some great times. We took them downtown to the all the wonderful ''must sees'''and we went to a great holiday thing. It was the Holiday Festival of Lights. My mama had a ball.. mission accomplished.. We enjoyed the beautiful lights and had a great time camping. The weather was beautiful.. a whopping 75 degrees during the daytime.. We did not not even need a coat.. perfect weather.
 We enjoyed all the great food we had while we were there.
This was our tree from last year.. I have not got around to our tree yet for this year... I really wish I could snap my fingers and it would be put up.... I do not like to go through all the hassle of dragging totes down from the attic.... blah!!!  Anyway, Hope you take time out this season, to remember the true meaning of the season.. JESUS!! Thanks be to God for HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Thankful Heart

happy Friday everyone!! It is a dreary, rainy, Friday here at the simple gift today. I am NOT complaining. We need the rain. It has been warm here this week. Last night, it was muggy.. It is hard to believe today is November 1st..... This year has went by so quick. I am thankful for everything that has happened this year. I know everything happens for a reason. The beginning of this year started rough for our family... but God knew.. HE had a plan.

I  know it will soon be time for everyone to start planning their big Thanksgiving feast.... I love it.. Even if I do have to work... lol  I love the fun fellowship with family that we do not get to be around everyday. You never need to take that for granted.. one day you may not have that.... we lost the last grandparent between the two of us last month.. Now, we have no grandparents left.. Cherish those special times with them... I have beautiful , fond memories of them all... so Thankful for that.. I hope to ALWAYS  have a Thankful heart. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday life that we forget the simple blessings.. Even being able to type this post right now, is a blessing..  So, it is imperative to always remember to thank God, even for the little things...


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hand Over Mouth

Psalms 141:3 Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.
Words.... we use them everyday. Some can be used as an encouragement. Some can be used to be hurtful. Has anyone ever said anything to you, and you were left with your jaw to the floor...??? Have you ever read something in the newspaper or seen something on facebook about you or someone else and you could not believe what the person was saying about that person..????? WOW, words hurt!!!
Sometimes, words can be used as a cutdown or to destroy one's character if they are said about someone. I was talking with someone the other day. We were discussing something that had been going on lately. One person's life has been taken, simply because she could not take people bullying her or words that were said about her or her family!!! WOW, words hurt!!!!!!
I , as a child,  had a so called ''friend'' who I thought was a friend.. Little did I know... She said hurtful ,cruel, things to me and about me that I will NEVER forget... AND encouraged others to join in... Name calling, and performing bully acts is something that happens all the time.. In HIS own time, God took care of this, in HIS own way!!!! Have I forgave that?? YES, but it is something that you will remember FOREVER!!! WOW, words hurt!!!!
Sometimes people can say things not about you, but can say other things about somebody or thinking they can be ''showing off in front of others''... Words can hurt!! Some can have their little group of friends, which is usually just TROUBLE to begin with. They can destroy someone and think they are HOLIER THAN THOU...Sometimes, these people can make you unhappy , and they start to ''rub off'' on you.. You act just like them.. In these cases, you just have go on... without those kind of people.. sad, but true!! WOW, words hurt!!
I have a problem of sometimes speaking before thinking.. I can't help sometimes that what comes up, comes out. I need to be more careful of this.. I need to guard my mouth.. I need to not be so quick to speak of things sometime... and also, NOT listen to it either... put my hand over my mouth if it helps!!!! LOL

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Got Lucky

 We just returned from a lovely visit to Destin, Florida. Deemed the ''Luckiest Fishing Village'', we definitely had to try our luck there.. I am proud to say we got lucky. We both caught big red drum fish. The measurements to ''keep'' them, are 17-27''. we did NOT get to keep them..this was my Only disappointment, because they were TOO BIG!! but anyway,. mine was 33, his was 31. yay!!!! I beat him, mine was bigger!!! We spent 12 big days there.. We both enjoyed the laid back feeling.. I looked a little rough in these fishing pics, but ''Karen'' was trying to visit, and she brought the wind with her..  I TOOK  ALOT OF PICS, BUT THESE ARE SOME I WILL SHARE WITH YOU TODAY..Anyhow, it was fabulous. We had a great time with the people at EMERALD BEACH.!! They were all very nice. We had a great Seafood Festival, enjoyed fishing off of the pier, had beautiful weather.. just loved it all.. We would love to visit again...
 Me with my Big Red Drum, 33 inches
 We had a yummy seafood boil and great ice cream sundays!!
 This is a selfie, but it was a little hazy on this night from the sun.
 The pier at the park.. this was so relaxing.. looking out on the Santa Rosa Sound
 Buddy with his 31 inch red drum
 We grilled yummy burgers and delicious homemade fries!!
 Relaxation at it's best
 Caught a bunch of these ugly things.. Remora fish
 This is absolutely beautiful.. This is the sand dunes, but the sand is so white, it looks like snow dunes!!
 He caught a Hard tail...used this to catch the big one!!
 Navarre pier view.. awesome and the water is so clear and turquoise
Had a blast celebrating our11th wedding anniversary!!! love him so much!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


the most famous question asked on this day is this..
September 11, 2001

 for me, I was a young twenty something lady who had just became engaged about 4 weeks before that... I was standing in my kitchen at home making me some breakfast... I remember the news was on, but it was kind of just ''noise'' I was hearing.. but what caught my attention was the news caster saying that it was going to some news they had heard of a plane crash into the world trade center... WHAT?? now, that will make you head straight to the tv to see for yourself... and that is what I did... I could not believe my eyes.... Watching the second one fly directly into the 2nd one on LIVE TV... this was awful.. all I could think of was ALL of the people that had went into eternity... just right there..  I IMMEDIATELY called my FIREFIGHTER.. I wanted to talk to him.. To make sure this was true, and to say ''I love you!!''
This day changed so many things FOREVER... it changed security FOREVER, it changed the meaning of family time FOREVER.. it changed my RESPECT for all of the Military, EMS, POLICE,AND  my fav, Firefighters FOREVER..

I am grateful for all the sacrifices all of these people made on that day. I am heartbroken  for the families who NEVER got to speak to their loved one again, or got ANY of their remains.. I am grateful for the passengers of those planes who did what they could to save their lives and risked their lives for the others.. THEY ARE TRUE HEROES IN MY BOOK..  So, on this day, 12 years later, I want to remember all the lives lost on this day, and pray for our nation , more than ever.. I want to thank all of the public workers . They are true heroes too, everyday to me, not just on 9-11.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunny and Bright

I just love sunflowers. They are , I think, my most favorite flower, besides palms, or roses.. A bouquet of these things would be much more appreciated than roses, to me. I love how they are big, and bright, and how the bumblebees flock to them.. hmmm.. Looking at a sunflower always puts a SMILE on my face.. I thought of having sunflowers in my wedding, but kind of changed my mind at the last minute...
Sunflowers remind me of JOY. AND SIMPLE HAPPINESS.... Joy that Jesus can bring. They are big, and tall, and strong, just like HE is. They are bright and you can see them.. Jesus' light shines through them.. They are beautiful. Jesus brings a song to your heart   They can take the heat, that is what they do best in... .Sometimes, we lose our song, it is not as loud as it once was.. We have to ''come home'', to regain our song.. get it back. If we don't have a song in our heart, we are NOT joyful like a sunflower. Just like a sunflower, we can be tall, bright, and beautiful for the Lord. We can be joyful LOOKING for the Lord, just like a sunflower is JOYFUL looking.
 James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.
We love to grow sunflowers.. I had some real tall ones last year in the garden... THEY WERE HUGE!! They attracted so many bees...

Just like a sunflower's shape depicts the sun, we can depict the SON too.. The sunflower can bring a smile to your heart, and a spring in your step... JESUS CAN TOO.Sometimes, I know I am guilty of this... Not happy when things DO NOT go as I plan... but that's where I have it wrong..IT is not up to me, for things to go as I plan... HE HAS IT ALL IN HIS HANDS!!!! HIS PLAN, HIS TIMING, HIS WILL.. not mine!!
Just like the verse says, humble yourself... humble yourself before God .. We are nothing without HIM.... He will lift us up..lift us up out of that sickness, pain, uneasy feeling, bad thought, sin...
So thankful for this today.. Sunny and bright for Him... NOW, I am ready to go buy me some sunflowers...... Haha!!
My sunflowers in  my garden last year

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Servant's Heart

hello bloggerland, it is a dark, cloudy ,rainy Saturday here at the Simple Gift. We are being a bit lazy, but trying to be productive too at the same time. I have already put on some things for Sunday Lunch, and we have had our lunch, loaded the dishwasher, and folded and put away some clothes, worked on some more laundry and such. Our plans were to do some'' around the house stuff'' today, outside.. but God decided that we should have rain instead, so, WE are thankful for the rain anyway..

we had a fun time last night celebrating JULY birthdays.. our Brother in law, Scott, nephew, Ethan, and Nephew, Drake all have July birthdays.. We usually do them separate, but Scott has recently been in the hospital with chest pain, so we just then got to celebrating the birthdays.. We had a yummy supper of Steak/ Gravy, Baked Potatoes, Salad, and Biscuits.. and Birthday Cake, and HOMEMADE BUTTER PECAN AND VANILLA ICE CREAM!!!! yummmm!! We always enjoy our family time..
Dear Sweet Lady

Proverbs 29:23 A man's pride shall bring him low; but honour  shall uphold the humble in spirit.

Having a servant's heart. That's something I desire, and something we all need to have..We need to be willing to help others who are in need. YOU may be the person that can help that ''one person'' for the day. That's something that I have to remind myself of everyday. YOU may have those exact words a person needs to hear, a prayer, or just being there to let that other person know you care. I am convicted of this, as I write.. I am sometimes too busy with things in my own life that I neglect this area, and I know I need to work on this area.

Having a servant's heart requires yielding yourself to God, and letting Him use you for HIS honor and Glory..NOT expecting anything in return. That includes anything YOU may want, not  ''making deals with God'', and NOT worried about you getting the crcdit for it.. I believe the Lord TRULY BLESSES THOSE WITH A TRUE SERVANT'S HEART!!!

I had the privilege of visiting a dear Saint in a nearby Hospice Home yesterday. It blessed my heart to see her family surround her with love,and giving her love and encouragement during her final days here.. They know she is going to a much better place and NO MORE STROKE!! AMEN. As I was visiting this lady with my sisters and mama, I couldn't help but think back upon this dear lady's life. As a child, and even on up to my early 20's, I use to watch this dear lady get up in Church, and testify as to how the Lord has blessed her and her family, how she was thankful for HIS goodness, and how she was thankful for her Salvation, BUT she always ended with asking for Prayer, for SOMEONE in her family. She was concerned about her family. That was and is still such a blessing to me. She loved to hear her family sing and play in the Gospel/Bluegrass group at the Church. This was such a blessing. She always put herself above others. She took care of her family, she definitely had a servant's heart.. The Lord has truly blessed her life and her family through the years. Through several generations, the Lord has brought great Men of God up in her family to preach the WORD, Praise the Lord!!What a blessing to have a grandson, and 2 great grandsons that are Preachers, and Grandaughters being used as Sunday School Teachers/ Deacon's wives.. Thank the Lord. She is ready to meet the Lord anytime. What a blessing. A great testimony of The Lord's goodness.
I hope I can always have a servant's heart, and I desire that He will use me for that.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

beach bumzz

 well, we, the beach bummz have returned. we have had tons of fun, quality family time together, and some good food... we made our famous jambalaya, ate some yummy burgers, and some fun in the sun!!
 Ben and girlfriend, Madison.. so glad they finally joined our clan on Saturday, after already being there a week with her family!!
 Our niece, Corrie, and boyfriend, Kevin  ALL SMILES!!
 and all the boats coming in to the marina
 sister Lorieann and nephew Drake
 this was a beautiful day at the beach
 loved the cool fireworks, and this reminded me of something like pixie dust in the sky!!
sister Angie, and nephew Ethan and wife Hailey came too.. oh, and Baby Cooper in there too!!!
We enjoyed our family time, but it was NOT complete, because my mommy and daddy did NOT come!!! oh well, hopefully next time!!
****ALWAYS enjoy family time!! NEVER take it for granted!! Memories are WORTH making!!!****

Saturday, June 22, 2013

SWEET summer time

oh, joy..... SUMMER has finally arrived.. We LOVE summer.. and kind of enjoy the heat too....We look forward to summer time every year. Love the taste of yummy mater samdwiches, (with duke's, of course, what else).... LOVE flip flops, tans, and cool summery treats grilling out, Low Country boils..... and LOVE trips with my family!!! Looking forward to some fun camping trips with the gang!!


As a child, I antcipated those last days of school.. I knew I was gonna get some LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER... mornings of sleeping in and fun times with my niece and nephew.. that is TIMES i WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER...

sights ARE easy to behold too in the summer time.... It becomes an earthly Paradise... BEAUTIFUL gardens full of FRESH veggies, awesome ocean views, and clear blue water!!! Looking forward to doing some summer canning soon!! We went on thursday to a nearby fruit stand.. Loved the smells and sights.. got some fresh tomatoes and peaches... YUMMMMM....  OH, and homemade ice cream...,,,,,,mmmmm!!

So, If you cant tell by now... We are loving that it is now summer...  Bring on the SUMMERTIME FUN!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be Still and Know

Sometimes, it is hard for me to be still....I feel like I am constantly doing something, or have a ''project'' in mind to complete. right now, as I type this, I am thinking of things that I need to do next. ( unload the dishwasher, hang up clothes, put away towels, things like that.) I have several things going on around the homefront that I am working on too.. BUT, sometimes, our mind, body, and soul need a ''stand still'' moment.
It's moments like this, when the Lord wants to work his ''to do'' list. He wants us to trust Him to help us. I like the song, ''Stand still and let God move''. Sometimes, we can feel as if we have reached our end, and there is NO hope, but we have to be still, because He has a plan. I like to set on my front porch on bright, sunny, afternoons when it is pretty. It is relaxing, feeling the gentle breezes blow, the windchimes hanging, singing me a tune, and just listening to the sound of cars sometimes can bring a relaxation. I use this time to write. I write these posts on my front porch a alot. It helps me.It is also during this time, the Lord brings things to mind. These things can be prayer requests, thinking about sick people, and things that I can do for the week. It is a personal time with the Lord. I like these times.
We always can hope and pray for the best outcome, and that everything will be okay, but the Lord wants us to STAND STILL,and let Him work !!It is hard to trust sometimes, and wonder just what is HE up to, but I am glad HE knows ALL.. the good outcomes and the bad outcomes, of it all.HE would NOT be GOD if HE  could not do ALL things!!! Amen!! We can ''STAND STILL'' AND know that HE will make a way, when we can NOT. We can rest in His arms.. He wants us to trust Him everyday, and I am so glad we can.

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God,I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

There is Peace

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.
Sometimes we face different circumstances. In trying times in our lives, we can have PEACE. GOD leads us into valleys, but also OUT of them. Praise God!! I know some members of a particular family in our church are hurting today. A dear member of their family was killed in an accident this morning. It was devastating to hear.. This dear family is already in the middle of one valley... as this dear family has another member fighting pancreatic cancer..
Sometimes we do not understand God's plan of doing things. I , myself ,wonder what he is working up...but that is just it.. this is just one one piece to the puzzle to be COMPLETED...
peace CAN calm your fear today.. it did mine today.. as I heard this terrible news, I wondered about if this dear man was saved... I had a big, empty feeling... My mama and I were having lunch together, and as we got the news by a telephone call, it was so quiet, and a bad feeling for the both of us... Later on this afternoon, I got a message from a dear friend. The message brought such a PEACE to my heart. This man was a saved man. He went to Heaven this morning!!! He is at PEACE.The family can be at PEACE, knowing that he knew the Lord, and they can and will see him again!!!
PEACE can be taken away when faced with health issues, family problems, and the loss of a friendship.It can and will still your joy.
Isaiah 57:2 He shall enter into peace;they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.
Even when we suffer , we can still have the PEACE of God.God is merciful, and HE gives grace. Their has been grace for every trial.... We can have PEACE.. PEACE knowing that the Father is in control, and HE knows everything we face, and it is all part of something that is He knows the outcome of. Praise God for PEACE today.
Even in the valley, God is good.
Even in the valley, HE is faithful and true.
He carries his children through, like HE said HE would,
Even in the valley, God is good.
Thankful for PEACE!!! AND that HE gives PEACE!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Past, Present, and Future

When i think of the past, it really ,at times, seems so long ago.. It feels like elementary school was in another life,lol.... I love to think back on past times... I am glad God never left me... I was thinking the other day, on past times with my grandparents... the only two grandparents I ever had.. my daddy's parents died when he was just a small boy.. I am so thankful for the times I had with them...

Some people never can go forward to the future, because they can't get over the past... If God has forgiven you or someone else that did you wrong in the past, then how can you not go forward??? The Lord can and will bring you out of whatever is keeping you from the future...

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise,as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
I am glad He knows everything that is going on presently in my life. He is in control of every aspect. He knows that I TRULY want to be a great Christian wife, and a great companion to my husband. I desire to do His will daily. To do this, i must die to self DAILY... yield every part of my life to Him.
I am glad HE is in control of my future.. He knows everything to come bad or good, my way. He knows the outcome of every problem, concern, fear, sickness, or even good thing that is going to come my way.
I am trusting in the Potter's hand.
He lights our path, one step at a time, one turn at a time.. thankful for this!!
I am so glad HE takes care of the past, HE buried it!! HE knows the present things we are in, and HE knows the future, the future of the outcome of our problems, and the future HOME HE has prepared for us!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Being Contented Part 2

 1 Timothy 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.
hello everyone in bloggerland. i hope everyone has had a wonderful week celebrating Easter, and our Lord Jesus Christ is STILL ALIVE, AMEN!! I was reviewing some previous posts i had made, and i started thinking/writing more on them. One in particular stuck out at me. It was on being contented... some people have it ALL wrong. they are content with the wrong things. it is all about material things, or what all they can get. My Sunday school teacher was teaching yesterday on young couples who try to have everything in the first few years of marriage, that it took their parents 30 years to work for.... This is a very true statement... i know of people right now, that have went in so much debt their first five years of marriage, and now, they are working themselves to death trying to pay for all of that... they are neglecting the Church on Sunday, and not getting to spend time with their family beacuse they have to work to pay bills!!!! THIS IS THEIR CONTENTMENT!!!
 what things have made you content this week?? is it the blessings of God??? Living in HIS will for your life???? Sometimes it is hard to be in content when something goes wrong.. especially with a family member or close friend.. or when someone has done you wrong, or said something about your child... but we can still be in content knowing HE will take care of us... Being godly,brings great content.. knowing we want to live for Him, and serve Him.. this is the will of God...

 Last year in June, I went with my mother and some of the ''seniors'' at my church to Natural Bridge, Va. We had a great time and had some of the best laughs I have had in a LONG time.. This brought contentment to my heart and life... AND it made my MAMA happy too... you see, we had just lost my grandmother, and my mama needed a little time away.. I was so glad for her to get to go on this trip. We had a great time, and  it was wonderful time with our friends too!!
 LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! THIS BRINGS CONTENTMENT TO MY HEART ALSO... The lady in the pink shirt is Marla...She was our van driver.. She was a great helper to us that weekend, and we love her so much!!!! Since then, this past January, Marla was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer...She has been undergoing treatment for this, and will go this week to find out if the treatments are doing her any good.. She came to church last night, and stood and testified how she knows that God is in control of her Cancer, and He knows the plan for her life, and she is okay with whatever that may be.. THIS IS BEING CONTENTED!!!! CONTENT with what her future holds... I will always remember this!! Just when you think you got it bad, remember someone else is facing far more something than you!!! She was so full of herself on this trip last year, and we made some fun, lasting memories!!! Some I will always cherish, and think of how contented they made me!!!

 these are just some pictures from the trip i wanted to share.... animals from the safari, and how sweet and content they were with us feeding them...loved this!!
 Fun times with my mama!!

 my  buddy and her mama playing around and acting crazy!! this made my heart smile, because they needed this trip like my mother and I did...
It's times like these, that the Lord sends in our lives.. He sends them always at the right time... Christian fellowship is a great thing... It BRINGS is great to talk about the blessings of God with other believers, and share your burdens with others... our own abilities do NOT bring true contentment.Trust in the LORD to provide for you, and HE WILL!!  OUR attitude toward  ''things'' makes a HUGE difference in being contented.. we may be in a bad mood and take it  out on other people.... to''some'' people this brings them contentment...but it really does not!!!
In closing, I want to be contented, and right now, i feel really contented.. I am blessed every day, and I thank God for that. I want to have a servant's heart. Do you want a servant's heart??? Be willing to help in any way, and do it for the Lord. this brings TRUE CONTENTMENT!! Keeping our focus on HIm , not material things, brings contentment, ALWAYS!!!