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Friday, February 20, 2015


WINTER BLAHS...... yes, I have them..

It seems as if this winter is lasting forever.. we have had some crazy winter weather lately, with a mixture of a little snow, a pinch of sleet, and a good bit of ice for our area. When this happens, our area really goes bizzerk.. we don't know how to make it.. I know the yankees laugh at us, because it is really nothing to them, but alot to us. I am ready for warmer weather.. We have a lot of fun things planned, and some home improvements too all ready to do when warmer weather comes!!!!!!!! Bring it, SPRING!!!!

I had to spend the night at my work on monday night.. that was very interesting to say the least. we had a pretty fun time though.. after I got to sleep finally, it really was not too bad. But I must say , after Tuesday was over with, I was ready to be HOME, TOGETHER with my hubby.  Last week was my birthday. Hubby told me to get ready, he had a special place reserved for our supper. We traveled to Charlotte for the evening. We had a delicious meal at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. It was very good, and the sweet potato casserole was awesome too.. We were both off for Valentine's Day, and had made plans a while back to attend a play. It was a very fun and moving play. The Gospel was presented in a great and unique way. We finished it up with a yummy bbq supper at one of hubby's favorite places, and did a little shopping... We had so much fun just being together..

Family time is important, and being with your friends too is important. We love to get together to celebrate birthdays, or just to hang out to catch up on what's been going on!! I look forward to doing that tonight!!!! We have a youth activity planned saturday.. it is going to be really fun, looking forward to that.
Next week, my sis has another chemo treatment.. Please continue to pray as she goes through with it. I just hope she does not get sick.. The last treatment was so good, it was almost as if she never had one!!! Praise the Lord!! We are so ready for all of them to be over.. We are ready to get away for some TOGETHER time as a FAMILY.!!!    Have fun being TOGETHER with your loved ones, and *LIVE EVERY SECOND*.

Monday, February 2, 2015

press on

january is already gone!!! can you believe it?? it was a fun month but also a busy one too. getting over the holidays, putting up the holiday decor.. it seems like it is a time to get organized more... i have found a few new things that i am experimenting with.. i am loving them and have learned that making changes for the better is not always bad... and i do not adapt with change well at all..
some things are already behind us this year!! and boy, am i glad!!! i have learned so much over the past few months and i am thrilled with results that i am seeing!!i think my family as a whole is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel..!!!!!! only a few more treatments for my sis, and we hope all of this chemo stuff is gone bye bye!! she had such a good week last week. we were able to do a little shopping, eat a good meal, ( and let me say she cleaned her plate).. and get pedicures together!!!!!!!!! just whatever makes her feel good and special.. that works for me.. she is pressing on!!
Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
sometimes, we seek God as to where He is when things arise. one thing I have to remind myself of is.. HE IS NOT IN HIDING.. He is there ALL the time.. just wanting us and waiting for us. that's why it is important to seek Him in ALL things!!sometimes, when certain things happen, it is so easy to question God.. Why?? how?? where now?? what if?? And we also wonder why He does things in such a way that we do not understand.. then I am reminded..''His ways.. not MY ways.'' I think this can be an opportunity for GROWTH and MATURITY!!!!!!! He can use things that we do not understand, to teach us and show us to PRESS ON for Him.This is our high calling for Him. In the long run, it can be that the Lord puts on display for Him.. for the Lord to show EVERYONE His goodness and mercy..
Over the past few months, I have learned a lot. I have had to do what the Bible says about ''forgetting those things'' I have learned that sometimes God says no.. but teaches us to PRESS ON.. I have learned that it can be hard to see a future view of things..only God knows the future and what it holds.. we just have to PRESS ON for Him.. We can find the strength to press on through Him.. by prayer, reading, and depending on the promise of HIM NEVER FAILING US, when it seems like there is no one else to really understand our true feelings!!
Things and THOUGHTS can posess us IF WE LET THEM.. Sometimes, this can lead to bitter thoughts... be honest with yourself.. you know you have been there!! Bitterness can and WILL destroy you IF you let it!!! I really feel we will be judged for things we let posess us.. and this is NOT ALWAYS material things!! just sayin!!If I dwell on WHY certain things happen, it can  control my actions.. actions I may have towards other people, places , or things !!!! lol.. you get it??!!i am PRESSING ON!! When these things happen, when we deal with those things, it can and will make us more in harmony with Him, and let us PRESS ON and depend on Him like never before!!
My heart is pressing on today!!

***If you only walk on sunny days, you will NEVER reach your destination.***

Thursday, January 22, 2015

what's going on

we had a fun past few days. we went on our annual new year's trip to the mountains. every year , my whole family is invited we had such BEAUTIFUL weather!! it was in the high 60's all 4 days.. one day it got to 68 degrees!! i was so excited!!.. my sister was hoping to get to go with us this year. she had her 3rd treatment a few days before we were to leave. she did not get to go.. but thats ok.. we are planning another weekend trip soon. we had my other sis and her son to go with us.. we had a blast.. we did all kinds of things... watched a movie, ate , laughed, had jacuzzi time, ate, shopped, and dropped... ate, played cards... you get the picture i am sure.. she and my hubby made fun of me.. we went to an arcade... i TOTALLY love skeeball... i will have one in my basement if i can ever find one real cheap.. anyway, i won 10,000 points twice.. this is the grand total on a skee ball machine.. i let out the biggest whooooooo!!!! ever!!!! while jumping up and down.. i felt like i had just won a car on the price is right!!!! they just laughed and laughed and then kind of was like.. really??? i could not help it.. i was excited!!  we had a great time and look forward every year to it when it comes around.. my mama usually goes too, but she stayed home to take my sis to her appt. to get blood and fluids.. we really did miss her too!!!!

 my sis, lorieann and my nephew, drake

me and my sweet hubby

hubby saw that it was gonna warm when we returned home.. so.. his fishing itch started .. he got it really bad.. not counting that he got some new fishing stuff at bass pro that he just HAD to try out.. we went on a fishing date this afternoon.. we had only 2 bites,, and did not catch anything, but we had a great time!!! it was so fun!!!
tomorrow is his birthday !!! love our sweet times together!!
we are looking forward to seeing what new things the Lord has in in store for us this year.. as i said last year, we had a few bumps in the road last year, and was uncertain of a lot of things, we  went on.. trusting God.. that has NOT changed.. we are trusting Him to bring us through together as a family!! that's what is going on right now!!   Proverbs 3: 5-6

Monday, January 12, 2015

NOTICE the little stuff

I am a little tired tonight.. Seems like life has been such a whirlwind over the past few days. We had a week long revival that I so DESPERATELY needed. I got to come 3 out of 5 nights. It was great, and seemed like every message was just right on time. We had a funeral at Church yesterday.. A dear man had been in an out of the hospital for a while, on and off the vent, and just got to where he just could not breathe.. HE is so much better NOW.. safe with his Savior...

Sometimes, little things happen to us. This could be a gesture, and kind thing done by someone for you, a word said to you that was right on time.. THESE things are small things, but are HUGE.. We need to realize they happen for a reason.. It is when God gets our attention by allowing this particular thing to happen, sometimes to show His faithfulness, and for us to TRUST in Him... HE wants us to.. We can fight and try things the way WE want, but in the end, HE has everything in the palm of His hand... It is really foggy tonight... It was a rough ride home. It reminded me of how when we do things our own way, and a cloud of ''I CAN HANDLE THIS ON MY OWN'' hangs over our path.. We push and scramble around to plow through that cloud... Sometimes, it is a DARK, LONELY, CLOUD... but we can push through the cloud, and on the other side is bright, beautiful, AND clear.. CRYSTAL CLEAR.. with God's help, and we trust in Him to handle every situation.
My sis goes Friday for her 3rd and HOPEFULLY FINAL Cancer cell treatment... We are praying that when they do the scan after a few days, they will say that it has helped and she needs NO more.. WE are pushing through the cloud and seeing the bright sunshine... The Lord knows what the outcome of this whole situation is..
So, tonight I am reflecting on the little things.. The SIMPLE , little things that I take for granted..I want to look up to Him and see that the little things that mean so much, look down at the things and people around me that I think are here FOREVER, and they are not, the rain that God has blessed us with today, and look FORWARD to the future of a better tomorrow, and even backward, at what the Lord has done specifically for me today. Right now, I am thinking of SAFETY to and from today!!!!. Some things I had on my mind today, He sends different people along my way, and things they say, or just a simple, ''I am praying for your family.'', means SO MUCH!! It is when you notice the little stuff, and are thankful, and know that God is there sending that ''little stuff'' your way, makes every thing a little better.. One last thought that came across my mind today was IF the many ''little things'' that came to me today, only happen once in my lifetime, would I know them and appreciate them more??????? Some of these could be a smile,a word said, and huge belly laugh, (had one of those today) a kind word of encouragement, a simple talk about a dear coworker's dad who was given only 2 weeks to live as of yesterday........................ The answer is a definite YES!!! Take time out NOW to notice the little stuff !!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I know it has been a while since I have posted on here. Alot has been going on in our lives. We feel like we are on a rushing roller coaster.... I can not believe that Christmas has came and went byebye!! We had a very full schedule during this holiday season. We had Thanksgiving, AND my sister had some surgery done. We got it all done and over with and the Doctor wanted her to still do some Chemo. She has had 2 treatments so far.. She has had some sickness with them, but overall, I think she is a real trooper. She is a STRONG AND CARING person and that makes her so special. I know like many, so many people ask why??? WHY NOW?? Her son is a senior in high school getting ready to go to college, her grandaughter is about to be a year old.. but she is a fighter. The Lord KNEW ALL about this long before she was ever born and knows the outcome of all.. She has made it through Christmas day without any sickness, and to me, that MADE my Christmas. If I did not get any thing else, that was all I needed... to God I give the praise. He answers prayer!!!
The new year is here and I cant wait to see what the LORD has in store for our family!!

Another thing that happened during the holiday season was our nephew, DEVIN, graduated from USMC boot camp. He recieved a special award as being the top shooter of his company,MIKE. We as a family loaded up and headed down to Parris Island to spend some days with him on base as he graduated!! It was so fun and full of emotion, excitement, and beamed with a lot of proudness!!! He was great, and the ceremony was great also.

We still hold our annual tradition at Christmas Time. We go somewhere special as a family, whether it be all or some of us, and go to eat a good meal, and then to a special Christmas outing. This year's choice was at a botanical garden with a display of their Christmas lights. It was very pretty. This year, it was my mama,sis, hubby, and me.

Another great thing that happened during this same week , was my niece, Corrie, got engaged!!! She has found who her soul loveth!!! They make a great couple and we look forward to this special time in their lives. It is so fun to see your ''kids'' grow up and reach that next step in their lives!! I have some pics of the ring, I will share later.
SO.. 2015 is almost here. I ask myself this question.... WHAT are you going to do differently in 2015 that you didn't do in 2014? One thing I will do is make BETTER choices. This includes Alot of different things. Another thing is have MORE sister time. I love my two sisters and NEVER want to take them for granted. Thirdly. I want to spend more time in devotion and less time on Facebook!! This is one thing I will definately do, because I am getting tired of all the drama.. I am getting too old for it...haha!! And, I am praying hard like never before for lost family members.. I know God has a plan and I can not wait to see what it is..  Until then, Chris and I are living EVERY second, still blessed. Happy New Year and may God richly overflow you with blessings in 2015.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Live Every Second

Fall is here, although these warm temps are not making it feel like fall. It feels like fall in the mornings, but this past week, it has been near 82 degrees every afternoon. Last thursday, I got all the fall decor out.. It seems like I just put it back in storage.. hmmmm.

So much has went on this past month. I feel like this year has really went by in a flash. Chris and I just celebrated our 12 th year of marriage. Seems like we just said those vows... Anyway, we had a wonderful time on our yearly anni  trip. We got to rest, relax, and explore some new places we had never been to. I have a BUCKET LIST.. Do you?? I have several things on my bucket list that I really would like to do before I pass away.. I renamed my BUCKET LIST. I call it my SAND BUCKET LIST.. Why?? you might ask.. I love sand, and I just wanted to be different, a lot of people say I am different, so , there you go... hahaha.. Anyway, I checked two things off my SAND BUCKET LIST recently. I have always wanted to go to the Virgin Islands, and I have always wanted to go on the BIGGEST cruise ship in the world, since it came out in 2009.. We just checked those two things off... We did both.. lol
We had so many things to see on this HUGE ship.. Let me just give you an example of how big this thing is... It is equilvalent to five football fields, and holds 7500 people.. wow.. and yes, it has everything on it. It has several neighborhoods. It has a central park that is really like a park. there are park benches, birds flying , beautiful trees swaying, so beautiful. One neighborhood is featured like a carnival. Hotdogs, carousel, funny mirrors, ice cream. amazing!!.  We spent eight days on the ship and still did not know our way around hardly by the end of the trip. We had ports of call in St. Thomas , St. Marrten, and Bahamas. After the Cruise, we spent 4 days at a beautiful island near Jacksonville, the lovely Amelia Island.. This place was beautiful. It has a beautiful historic district with a gorgeous beach.. I want to go back again there. We went fishing.. I caught several spade fishes and a HUGE turtle.. Here are some of our vacay pics:
 the view of the top of the ship
 Nassau, Bahamas
 Us on top of the mountain looking down to where we were going, Magen's Bay Beach
 Magen's Bay, St. Thomas
the view of the Harbor
 St. MARRTEN  This place was TRUE relaxation
 our HUGE ship 18 decks
 here we are in Central Park
 a view of The jetties, the Ocean meets the sound on Fort Clinch, Amelia Island
 My huge turtle I caught
 a beautiful sunrise over Amelia Island
 I caught a spade..
 he caught a small one
Love the spanish moss hanging from these trees..

We made lots of memories on this trip. I want to thank the Lord for safe travel to and from, and I want to thank Him for beautiful weather. It was near 90 degrees everyday. Several weeks have passed now. Last week, a dear man and friend from our Church died unexpectantly. He had a wonderful wife and a daughter ,and  3 grandchildren. It was such a tough time, and I know it will be hard in the  days ahead. We are lifting them up in Prayer everyday. Yesterday, my sis had surgery . She is awaiting the results from the surgery to determine what is next. I am confident that everything will be fine. We are trusting the Lord. He knows what is best, and we are praying for God's will through all of this. Something I have really known ALL my life, but everyday I am finding out more and more..
we live sometimes just day by day, and take things as life hands things to us, but sometimes problems come.. and PAIN comes with the problems..We have to realize (or at least I do) that NO pain is ever wasted.. There is always a reason why and if we have pain.The pain OF WHAT IF?? the not knowing what is next, but we have to remember God is the refuge in our pain and weakness. 
Matthew 6:8 Be ye not therefore like unto them:for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask of him. He knows what we need and why we need it and knows when I will ask of it... HE already knows..!!!!!  I need to have a thankful heart. That makes me happy, and to live every second. That's why it is important to pray like never before, and spend HAPPY times with your friends, family, husband, wife.. because you never know what lies ahead..  Choose to make those times happy, and to LIVE EVERY SECOND.

Friday, September 12, 2014

God is already there

hello everyone. I hope you all have been doing well. The Summer heat is tending to be holding on to us here in the South.. I have mixed emotions about it. I love SUMMER but I do love FALL too. I  love the beautiful array of colors displayed, I love the smells,foods, and sights of fall too... We are experiencing some ''cooler temps '' this weekend.. this is a promise of things to come.

Sometimes, life brings uncertain things to us. We face decisions that need to be made, boundaries that need to be set, and just everyday life can bring us to trying times in our lives. We can tend to make hasty decisions based on what others say, or just think we can go ahead and do our own thing. This is a MISTAKE. I have done it before, and boy, did I learn.. I can not make it on my own. I need His help!!

Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ in you richly in all wisdom ; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs , singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

In these times, we need to be in prayer more than ever. We need to pray for our Country. It is becoming more and more UNGODLY. we need to pray for our future soldiers, because we are more than likely going to war again. I feel like I need to read and pray like never before.We need to trust Him to fight our battles for us. He is ALREADY THERE. He knows the outcome of everything we face.
I am glad HE listens. I am glad HE knows. I am glad HE understands when I don't. I am glad HE knows why and then why NOT???? I am glad when I am at a loss for words, and don't know how or what to say or how to feel , He already knows what I mean. He understands my feelings of helplessness, and sometimes, frustration. HE understands when I am stressed out and physically EXHAUSTED. I am glad HE knows not only the problems we face, but is already in the future, and knows the blessing we will recieve  from the outcome it. I am glad HE knows the burden that I have  for my family, friends, and for their future. 

My mother used to sing this song a lot in Church. It is so true.
'' Never a burden that HE doth not carry, Never a sorrow that HE doth not care, whether the days may be sunny, or dreary, JESUS is always there!!!''
HE is always there, and HE is already there in your past, present, and future. Thank God for this today.
It's better to run behind GOD, than in front of Him.