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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Tree is known Part 2

yep, back to those trees again....

A tree amazes me as it goes through the seasons.. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I really would think it is so weird  IF I went outside in the dead of winter and a tree would be loaded with fruit... haha   The Lord can make it happen though, THAT I do not doubt....

In the WINTER, the tree is in the ''dead stage''.. it looks dry and drab and practically lifeless...  but oh, the buds are coming soon, why?? because it is SPRING.. New life, beginnings and new buds here... In the SUMMER, the harvest of the trees if they are fruit bearers.. AND in the FALL the leaves turn their bright , vibrant colors.. it's all part of the process.. the tree could not make it through any of the processes without the proceding one...

Matthew 12 :23 Either make the tree good and it's fruit good ; or make the tree corrupt, and it's fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

I was inspecting some of the fruit on the trees yesterday.. Some pears on the bottom are rotten. Bugs are infesting some. I don't want to be a tree with ugly fruit.  One thing  to think about is when you go to the grocery store or farmer's market, you want the best fruit/ vegetables for your money. You do not buy the rotten things. It's not worth your money or time. I think this can be applied to us  Christians so much. I know it sounds funny or crazy but really I don't care because it makes great sense to me... We may not be the biggest, ripest piece of the fruit but we can be an APPEALING one to the eye or world. When we produce fruit, we are yielded to Him, letting Him use us for His glory.If I were a fruit inspector, I would want what would sell the most.If you have no fruit on your tree, then I would want to find out why.. WHY IS IT NOT PRODUCING?? Could it be that it needs to be pruned.. Pruning a tree means giving it ''room to grow'', and making room for more, getting rid of what's harming it or causing it NOT to grow..  To us, this can be applied.. if we are not growing spiritually, then it could be we are not  bearing fruit. We could have sin in our life. We need to  confess and ask for His forgiveness. Serve Him and let Him make us bear fruit for Him.Keep our focus and thoughts on things for Him, and values on faith and family, NOT on material things...
FERTILIZATION is another thing that could help in the growing and producing more fruit.. Good fertile soil, and food produces wonderful fruit. As Christians, reading the Bible and prayer is great fertilization. It helps us grow for Him. 
I want to be a fruit bearer. I want to bear fruit that is attractive, and have fruit that everyone wants, not just a few people. I want to be used and know that the Lord will use me to be a great bearer of fruit, and when the inspectors come, they will want some of the fruit I have.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Tree is known By It's fruit

 HELLO to everyone. I know it has been a while since the last post. I have not forgot about the blog, just had other things that have been occupying my time. Since the last post, we have been really busy with Church activities, family fun, and some trips. We recently returned from a camping trip to Hickory Nut Falls and our annual beach trip with the family. Little D got to enjoy the beach for the first time. I think she had a good time...

We had a great time in June with the Family Week Missions Conference. The Lord allowed hubby and I to work and participate in the fun time. It was such a joy to be able to serve and spend time with the families... So thankful for all of their dedication to serve and sacrifice time away from their families to spread the Gospel. I felt humbled to see some of their children. You could tell they had never been around some of the things they experienced at my Church. for that, I am grateful.. The Lord worked in many lives, including mine.

 The Lord spoke to my heart a few months ago about trees and fruit bearing. We have several fruit trees in our yard. We have 3 apple trees, we have 3 peach trees, and one pear tree... At one time, all of these trees were producing. A few years ago, we had a bad storm.. 2 of the apple trees kind of died... they no longer produce.. I started writing on this a little..... here is some of the things I wrote..

I inspected the trees in our yard, the fruit trees  that were producing at the time. The pear trees were loaded in some areas.Other limbs had none on them.The peach trees maybe had two or three.. This is nothing new. they never produce much anyway.. SOME PRUNING NEEDS TO BE DONE...
The apple trees are beautiful. One tree has a good bit on them. The other two do not have any on them. THEY NEED TO BE CUT DOWN, UPROOTED, AND MORE PLANTED..
As I started looking at the trees, The Lord placed some thoughts in my heart.
* What kind of tree would you like to be??? I would want to be a tree that produced big, beautiful, delicious pieces of fruit. I would want to be the tallest tree and the one that everyone looked up to...haha really...
* Why would I not want to be a dead tree.?? A dead tree means there is no life. no fruit produced on the tree, no new leaves.etc.. Who wants that kind of tree.. ??

Matthew 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
** If no fruit, there is probably no root.. ** We need to be rooted in the word of God. We need to be steady and hold to His truth. We produce fruit by walking by faith with Him. One thing that amazes me is how trees go through the seasons. How could anyone NOT believe in the Lord after seeing His handywork all around them. He gives us the sunshine to help give the nutrients to the trees to produce the fruit, the rain, for the proper growth they need. The seasons are there for the proper time of growth they need to produce the fruit at the right time.. just saying, a ripe apple from the tree or apple orchard just would not be right in the dead of winter..WHY?? you might ask... APPLES ARE A FALL FRUIT. they just fit in the fall... lol and they arrive just in time for the fall for apple butter.. Can I get a witness on that??? I love to take the time make the apple butter. In the seasons, the Lord gives us, we can see the growth pattern. I will go more into the growth seasons tomorrow.