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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Time

Easter is soon approaching.. wow, this year is really flying by!! We have had some cool days recently. I am looking forward to warmer temps. This weekend is gonna be jam packed with fun stuff.. On friday, we will be taking the ''newly remodeled boat'' out for the first run of the year... so looking forward to that... and on saturday, I will be doing a wedding.. the first one for the season, as i have more to come.. we have about five weddings coming up soon in our church... this couple is a special couple and i look forward to sharing in their big day..
Sunday, will be filled with our Worship service, and special times with family, looking forward to that also... Some people really think it's all about dyeing eggs, a new outfit, and a quick trip to the park, or a quick sunrise service, and that's it for them until Christmas........ So glad today. it goes way far more beyond that.. We celebrate Easter everyday. The child of God can always have Easter, because Jesus came out of the Tomb, the stone was rolled away!!! HE'S ALIVE!!!!!! thank the Lord for that!!
I know My Redeemer LIVES!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fun HAS begun !!

good HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!!!! hope you have been enjoying these warmer temps. i am so happy to see them. we had a fun week  in Charleston, SC last week. We went for our annual ''kick off to camping season'' trip. It was a fun time  of camping on James Island!! We had a ball. We got to see some new places and things in Chuck town we have never got to see before.

we went to the Fire Museam in Charleston. It was a really cool place filled with hubby's favorite fire trucks, and memorabilla. It had all kinds of pumpers, engines, and even a hand was cool. i was a little dissapointed that they did not have a lot of stuff about Chaleston Fire Dept. nor did they have any Memorial to the CHARLESTON 9... but it still was a fun thing to see.

mmmmmm. bacon... love the smell of this on a morning waking up to the sound of owls hooohootin, and sweet little birds singing, ''sweet,tweet..'' it was beautiful..
had bacon and eggs and toasted english muffins on this morning

i just love these lamps...

one day, it was rather warm, so we headed to the beach.. when we got there, it became sooo windy.. but we had a great relaxing time people watching and listening to the waves crash..... and getting our toes in the sand!!

pretty view from the pier

me and dear hubby on the pier

our view from campsite, this pond was was right beside us, and i sat in that swing, and read, did my devotions, and just took in the beauty around me..

lake view.. we went fishing.. he caught one, me, none... :(

buddy grilling burgers for lunch

 now, that's a piece of

our sunset view leaving the beach

us one day before we were headed out for shopping and dining
the weather was perfect. Still a little cool, but not cold...but the  dreaded word...POLLEN was in full force...and nearly got the best of me.. but i survived. we met up with my best friend on wednesday. we had a great time seeing them and the kids.. they are so grown!!! we had fun the next night celebrating Shane's birthday!! We went to Outback because he wanted steak...yummmm...We took our bikes, and rode, and rode, and get the picture... they have all kinds of trails for bike riding!!! we had a great time. on friday, i went with my ladies of faith, to the women of honor conference. we had a ball, and LOL ALL WEEKEND!! and it was so much fun to be with my buddies, and i really needed the fellowship, and the meeting was such a blessing!!!
Happy Spring everyone and remember JESUS is the reason for THIS season also!!!!!! <3 p="">