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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Time

Easter is soon approaching.. wow, this year is really flying by!! We have had some cool days recently. I am looking forward to warmer temps. This weekend is gonna be jam packed with fun stuff.. On friday, we will be taking the ''newly remodeled boat'' out for the first run of the year... so looking forward to that... and on saturday, I will be doing a wedding.. the first one for the season, as i have more to come.. we have about five weddings coming up soon in our church... this couple is a special couple and i look forward to sharing in their big day..
Sunday, will be filled with our Worship service, and special times with family, looking forward to that also... Some people really think it's all about dyeing eggs, a new outfit, and a quick trip to the park, or a quick sunrise service, and that's it for them until Christmas........ So glad today. it goes way far more beyond that.. We celebrate Easter everyday. The child of God can always have Easter, because Jesus came out of the Tomb, the stone was rolled away!!! HE'S ALIVE!!!!!! thank the Lord for that!!
I know My Redeemer LIVES!!!

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