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Thursday, June 23, 2011

camp life

we took the family over to a nearby campground for the weekend. it was fun just to hang out, and sharesome of the greatest laughs ever. we had delicious food, and some awesome , homemade ice cream.

yummy hotdog

the gang

me and my sweets riding the paddleboats

look who's creeping along

we had a ball... and we look forward to doing this again!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wonderful weekend happenings?!

we had a great that was totally fun and relaxing... we had a fun time at home on saturday.. we had a delicious griled lunch of rotisseree chickens, grilled corn, yummy chicken/garlic rice, and rolls.....yummers...

spent the afternoon by the pool relaxing, and soaking up the rays :)))

we celebrated my mother's birthday on saturday at the nearby cracker barrel..she loves that place.. this cake was good too..

me and my sweet gang

my niece and her Gran

we had a great saturday, and had fun with family!!