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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I know it has been a while since I have posted on here. Alot has been going on in our lives. We feel like we are on a rushing roller coaster.... I can not believe that Christmas has came and went byebye!! We had a very full schedule during this holiday season. We had Thanksgiving, AND my sister had some surgery done. We got it all done and over with and the Doctor wanted her to still do some Chemo. She has had 2 treatments so far.. She has had some sickness with them, but overall, I think she is a real trooper. She is a STRONG AND CARING person and that makes her so special. I know like many, so many people ask why??? WHY NOW?? Her son is a senior in high school getting ready to go to college, her grandaughter is about to be a year old.. but she is a fighter. The Lord KNEW ALL about this long before she was ever born and knows the outcome of all.. She has made it through Christmas day without any sickness, and to me, that MADE my Christmas. If I did not get any thing else, that was all I needed... to God I give the praise. He answers prayer!!!
The new year is here and I cant wait to see what the LORD has in store for our family!!

Another thing that happened during the holiday season was our nephew, DEVIN, graduated from USMC boot camp. He recieved a special award as being the top shooter of his company,MIKE. We as a family loaded up and headed down to Parris Island to spend some days with him on base as he graduated!! It was so fun and full of emotion, excitement, and beamed with a lot of proudness!!! He was great, and the ceremony was great also.

We still hold our annual tradition at Christmas Time. We go somewhere special as a family, whether it be all or some of us, and go to eat a good meal, and then to a special Christmas outing. This year's choice was at a botanical garden with a display of their Christmas lights. It was very pretty. This year, it was my mama,sis, hubby, and me.

Another great thing that happened during this same week , was my niece, Corrie, got engaged!!! She has found who her soul loveth!!! They make a great couple and we look forward to this special time in their lives. It is so fun to see your ''kids'' grow up and reach that next step in their lives!! I have some pics of the ring, I will share later.
SO.. 2015 is almost here. I ask myself this question.... WHAT are you going to do differently in 2015 that you didn't do in 2014? One thing I will do is make BETTER choices. This includes Alot of different things. Another thing is have MORE sister time. I love my two sisters and NEVER want to take them for granted. Thirdly. I want to spend more time in devotion and less time on Facebook!! This is one thing I will definately do, because I am getting tired of all the drama.. I am getting too old for it...haha!! And, I am praying hard like never before for lost family members.. I know God has a plan and I can not wait to see what it is..  Until then, Chris and I are living EVERY second, still blessed. Happy New Year and may God richly overflow you with blessings in 2015.