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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Remember with a SMILE

 have you ever wondered  why you think certain things?? have you ever wondered WHEN you think of SOMEONE if they are thinking of you??? do you ever just wake up in the middle of the night, and immediately start wondering if someone else is ok, and just wonder why the LORD lays them on your heart??

have you ever got used to something in your life and then suddenly it goes away, almost without warning???  Not knowing is an ''turned inward'' attitude. You feel empty and not really knowing how to express your true feeling about why things happen the way they do. This can bring a feeling of uncertainty. Feelings that you wish you could  make go away.

All I can say is I think of someone dear to my heart a lot. So, she is prayed for many of times. I pray the Lord keeps her safe. I pray she has everything she needs. I pray she is being loved and cared for like me and my family would care for her. I pray she does not have to hear bad things, see bad things, or witness anything that could be a hinderance in her young life.

I am so thankful for MEMORIES. Memories that were made of happy times, happy celebrations, happy places, and faces. When we experience the loss of someone , the things we remember the most, are usually the happy times that we had together, and the things that  made us so HAPPY. This usually comforts us the most during our time.  Then, you have a HOPE down deep inside. A hope of a return . A hope of a phone call, and also, a HOPE that They are thinking of you, as much as you are thinking of them. She is and will always be a special ''part'' of our family. We don't see the full picture right now, and maybe one day she will come back to live near us.We can only pray for her and that God will keep her safe in HIS care, and let her remember maybe one day all the stuff she learned of Him at such an early age....  I am remembering this little special someone with a smile today, because I know if she could see us, she would be smiling..... 
Nay Nay's sweet Buddy girl... ALWAYS !!!!