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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

go away old man!!

this lady spoke on cows and heifers.. i really desire to be a cow... i want to be one.. and if u are wondering.. i don't want to be a heifer... (you had to be there).. it was great!! go away old man..old man winter, that is..he has made a return here in the upstate for the past few days...he brought a weekend of chilly air and chilly rain... the rain, i know we need, but this cool air..hmmm... i am having issues with.. haha.. brrrrr.. my mother and i, along with the ladies from church had a wonderful weekend of laughs, tears, and wonderful nuggets from The Word... we went on a retreat to a sister church.. the theme was ''Southern Charm''...and i have never been more proud to be from the south after this weekend.. it was much needed, and it was packed..we saw lots of funny things.. and the speakers were great... i will elaborate on some in future posts... we had fun shopping, and fellowship, but little rest..which is why i am soooo tired this week.. oh well, rest in my future... and just in case you are wondering.. I love my SWEET tea...haha

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has sprung!

the beautiful peach trees in our backyard are in full bloom!!!!
well, it is officially here...SPRING!! i was beginning to wonder where it was.. i love to hear the birds chirping.. not particularly at or before 7 everyday that passes, our yard here is getting greener everyday.... we are ready to plant the first plants in the garden, in anticipation of fresh vegetables, and huge sunflowers... yum.. on the mater sandwiches!!!!

and by the way.. i am ready to rock on my front porch with my sweetie too.. oh such fun awaits!!

it really is going to be a busy, but fun weekend. i am going on a Ladie's trip with my church to another church.. looking forward to the fun, fellowship, and what the Lord has in store for us..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

not lucky, just BLESSED


today has been a good day. it is st.patrick's day.. we have been busy today. we have had the past two days off together. we have been working on a few projects here, getting ready for the upcoming warmer weather. being lucky has nothing to do with us , we are truly blessed, everyday.. in many ways... we were talking today, of some things we have been wanting lately... and not jumping into something, before it was the right thing.. we are glad HE knows what is best for us, and he gives us what He wants.. not in our timing, but HIS.. when He gives us His best, it is our ''pot of gold''.. and he let's us be reminded of His blessings everyday..just like a rainbow, HE puts every color in it, just like HE puts every detail in our life, perfectly.. SO THANKFUL OF THIS TODAY....

Be careful fo nothing; but in every thing by prayer and suppication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Phillipians 4:6

Monday, March 14, 2011



spice a DAY with LAUGHTER,

mix with HAPPY TIMES too,

add a pinch of FAMILY TIME,

and some fun FRIENDSHIPS as you go along too,

stir in LOTS of LOVING

it makes no difference''WHERE''..even at the top of a huge lighthouse..LOL

fold in daily SUNSHINE

and flavor it with PRAYER!!!

this is wonderful food for the soul and feeds EVERYONE!!!!
Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality. Romans 12:13

Saturday, March 12, 2011

spring forward

we are finally moving forward with a new season.. spring is just a week away!! we change the time AHEAD tonight!! i can hardly wait!! i love the longer days!! i look forward to it, especially when i walk out the doors after a HARD days work, and stilll have a little bit of daylight left.

it is beginning to get a little warmer.. we still have some cool mornings, but warm throughout the day.

we are looking forward to the warmer weather. we have had a rougher than usual winter.. it snowed here about 3 times.. you can always tell when the seasons are changing.. the birds start a different ''tune'', and everything gains it's life back.. people get out more and do things as families..looking forward to all of that and more..

we will be celebrating my bro-in-law's birthday tonight.. i am hungry..and wanting something good to eat..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

time for these

spring is getting springier(IF SUCH A WORD)..more and more every day. these buttercups have recently bloomed in the yard.. i love the looks of these pretty, and perfectly shaped, and bloomed out..and they just beam with pride.. our pear tree is beginning to bloom out some also, along with a few tulips.. i love tulips, they just don't last very long..

our week has been coming a long just fine..not very much has happened.. i was busy today here at home, doing laundry..and washing dishes, cleaned the kitchen a little..things like that.. i went to run an errand, came back, went to work for a meeting.. chris and i are both off tommorrow..looking forward to seeing and spending time with him..

Do the very best that you can, and leave the outcome to God.