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Saturday, March 12, 2011

spring forward

we are finally moving forward with a new season.. spring is just a week away!! we change the time AHEAD tonight!! i can hardly wait!! i love the longer days!! i look forward to it, especially when i walk out the doors after a HARD days work, and stilll have a little bit of daylight left.

it is beginning to get a little warmer.. we still have some cool mornings, but warm throughout the day.

we are looking forward to the warmer weather. we have had a rougher than usual winter.. it snowed here about 3 times.. you can always tell when the seasons are changing.. the birds start a different ''tune'', and everything gains it's life back.. people get out more and do things as families..looking forward to all of that and more..

we will be celebrating my bro-in-law's birthday tonight.. i am hungry..and wanting something good to eat..

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