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Thursday, March 3, 2011

time for these

spring is getting springier(IF SUCH A WORD)..more and more every day. these buttercups have recently bloomed in the yard.. i love the looks of these pretty, and perfectly shaped, and bloomed out..and they just beam with pride.. our pear tree is beginning to bloom out some also, along with a few tulips.. i love tulips, they just don't last very long..

our week has been coming a long just fine..not very much has happened.. i was busy today here at home, doing laundry..and washing dishes, cleaned the kitchen a little..things like that.. i went to run an errand, came back, went to work for a meeting.. chris and i are both off tommorrow..looking forward to seeing and spending time with him..

Do the very best that you can, and leave the outcome to God.

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Kristi said...

A few of my butter cups popped up too. I've seen clusters of them all over the place. Such a pretty sign of spring.