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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Banquet, Bbq, and Bargains!!

we had a busy weekend. thursday night was the Chief's Banquet. it is held annually for all of the firefighters and families. we had a great evening. we enjoyed a catered bbq meal with all the trimmings. this is us after the banquet.

chris recieved an award for serving on the Leadership team . it is a group of ff's who get together discuss ideas from other members of the department, policies, and procedures, and so forth. these men are voted to be on the team.

friday night was a beautiful ''preview'' of spring. so, we decided to grill.. yummy corn!!

and here was the fillets.. and grilled onions!! the food was sooo good..

my mother and I went shopping on friday.i was having withdrawals..hehe.. i had not been to goodwill since the week after Christmas.. so, we went.. mama bought me these brand new cookie/bread pans for 50 cents each.. i needed some new ones..a perfect find.. AND i found this cookbook.. i did not have this one... i love it.. and that is my friend, Paula.. PAULA DEEN.. it was a great end to the week!!


~Hannah Morrow~ said...

Sounds like funn:)

Kristi said...

"Just add in some butta..." Gotta love Paula Deen. :)