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Thursday, February 10, 2011


this has been a busy week..but i am looking forward to the weekend. my birthday is this weekend... i am almost sure we will be celebrating with family, and having some fun together.. i look forward to my daddy's jug..(LOL).. i have been busy this week with work, and we were told we were getting up to 1 inch of snow last night... haha.. very funny!!!! chris woke this morning to get ready for work, and i got up to see the snow!!! haha.. it looked like nothing more than a HARD frost... maybe, just maybe??? a light dusting!!!! i got up to see this?????? lol Needless to say, i returned to the sack, and fell back fast asleep!!!

Tonight, our church is having a popular singing group that has been around for a long time..''The Inspirations". i am sure it will be a packed house.. i hope to get to go.

Valentine's day is just around the corner... i love this holiday, but don't get me wrong, i really am glad that my hubby and i do stuff together, and celebrate our love for one another, not just on this day, but 365 days a year.. i am blessed to have a Christian hubby who understands me and respects me and does stuff for me, not just on holidays... i do not need chocolate and roses, for him to show his love.. i am the same way about him, and he knows that.. we will celebrate with a nice meal, and maybe a few things this weekend... :))..

hope everyone is having a blessed week!!

My beloved is mine, and I am his. Song of Solomon 2:16

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Kristi said...

That was a sweet post, Dana. I love being around you and Chris and one reason is because y'all love each other so much and it shows.

Love ya, buddy!