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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Live Life in FULL Bloom

Everything is great around here.  We are so busy,  but it is good.  We have been busy with bridal showers for our niece, Corrie,  who is getting married to Kevin  on June 11th.  We are having a lot of fun,  preparing for the big day,  and also,  they are building a house.  It is a great thing.  The Lord gives our family so much,  we are so undeserving.  He is so faithful. We are so overwhelmed  and happy to see what He is doing and how He is blessing this couple already!!!
the front of their gorgeous home
the living area of their home

We just returned from the annual Teen Camp meeting in Murfreesboro, TN.  We look forward to this meeting every year.  I was so ready to go this year.  I needed the break away from the every day rut,  and I needed to be around my Christian friends, and hear some good messages from God's men.  It was a wonderful time of fun, and great food, fellowship,  and great spiritual food too as well. It was a great meeting,  Sunday,  back home at Church. .I always look forward to hearing what the teens got from the meeting. I  must admit,  I was a little discouraged at first this year.  A lot has changed in a year's time.  But at the end of the meetings,  I became more encouraged, to go on, and live life in FULL bloom.
my Pastor preaching in the camp meeting
me and my buddy hubby

That leads me to the main point of this post.  I really do love Spring time.  It is amazing to see every day,  more and more blooms on the trees.  It is a picture of  God's hand,  and how He really does control EVERY detail of our life.
I love to take pics of the new "life" we see every year when everything is blooming.
Live life in full bloom... Bloom where you are planted. ..
This means so much to me. I want to always do what the Lord wants me to do. I feel so undeserving that He would use my life to bless others,  but it is a true blessing!  I want to be used wherever God wants me to be used. . Just as God controls every little bud that  He produces beautiful flowers, trees,  and fruit. HE controls every little detail of mine and your life. . It gets hard and rough sometimes,  and people can be so rude, and things don't go as you plan, but remember that He knows what is best, and can make something beautiful of your life.
This is so very true!
''Life's field  will yield as we make it,  A harvest of thorns or of flowers! '' - J.Goethe
I want a huge harvest of flowers, not thorns!!! :)
this bush is so bright and pretty
the Azaleas blooming in my front yard against the house
pansies and tulips in the park
this is such a unique tree.. it is beautiful and my favorite color
love this tree and the colors are so pretty!
Live life in FULL bloom!