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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Banquet, Bbq, and Bargains!!

we had a busy weekend. thursday night was the Chief's Banquet. it is held annually for all of the firefighters and families. we had a great evening. we enjoyed a catered bbq meal with all the trimmings. this is us after the banquet.

chris recieved an award for serving on the Leadership team . it is a group of ff's who get together discuss ideas from other members of the department, policies, and procedures, and so forth. these men are voted to be on the team.

friday night was a beautiful ''preview'' of spring. so, we decided to grill.. yummy corn!!

and here was the fillets.. and grilled onions!! the food was sooo good..

my mother and I went shopping on friday.i was having withdrawals..hehe.. i had not been to goodwill since the week after Christmas.. so, we went.. mama bought me these brand new cookie/bread pans for 50 cents each.. i needed some new ones..a perfect find.. AND i found this cookbook.. i did not have this one... i love it.. and that is my friend, Paula.. PAULA DEEN.. it was a great end to the week!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day to day

we had a great weekend. it was a busy one, but fun. we all went to eat fish together on friday night. my mother was wanting some good fish, so, we rounded up the family that wanted to go, and headed out. it was good, and we got to see some people we know. saturday, chris and i both had to work. we had a wonderful church service sunday. the Lord used my group to sing, and we sang and sang..:).. it was a great service, and He answered a prayer of mine, that i had been praying for too... He always is right on time!! we had a good lunch at my parent's home after church sunday. we had a boston butt..yummo.. and chris and i showed mama some more new things on her computer..
work has been ok this week..i am glad it is over.. we have our annual Fire Department Banquet this thursday night..looking forward to that.. that is all here... the spring like temps and sun are welcome here any day!! bring it on!!!

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall recieve. Matthew 21:22

Friday, February 18, 2011

spring ?

this was a ''mess of fish'' we caught last year at the beginning of the season!! ready to do this again !

wow, what a beautiful day the Lord has given us today!!! He made it so pretty and the sun is shining!! the birds were singing this morning when i woke up.. it is really beginning to feel like spring!! i can't wait.. i am sooo ready for warmer weather.. i have been busy around here today, sprucing up the kitchen, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher a few times, washed about three loads of clothes, cleaned out the fridge.. just got caught up on things on the homefront..

we spent our day off together, yesterday..hubby wanted to go on a roadtrip to a bait and tackle shop he had been too, a while back, to pick up a few things... we went and got those things, looked around at a few more things, had lunch at one of my favorite places, * Lonestar Steakhouse*.. and it was yummolicious, as always.. we left there and he took me to a nearby mall.. i picked up a few things i had been looking for.. it was a beautiful day, and a fun one too.. i love our days off together, and look forward to warmer weather.. it is time for fishing, and taking the boat out on the water...kayaks, camping... ready to catch the big fish again!!!

i love the snow and cooler weather but i love warmer temps!!!! get out and enjoy this weekend with your loved ones!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

our birthday parties

we recently, both had birthdays. chris' birthday was on january 23, and mine, just this past week, february 12. we celebrated chris', at one of his favorite mexican places, bronco's. mine, was celebrated at a local italian place, don's. we always love our birthday get- togethers.. these are my roses i was surprised with at work on valentine's.they came with a pretty heart-shaped pendant on the vase. i was wearing it..
this was our dessert we had on Valentine's night, here at home.. Strawberry yum yum..made by my was yumm,yumm.., and a great finish to a lovely meal!!

my jug of money, i look forward too every year for my birthday.. a tradition started by my daddy years ago!!! i love traditions!!!

this was ''my birthday cake'' wanted oreo pie for my birthday cake..and mama saw fit that i had it!!! thanks so much mommy!!

my wonderful baked spaghetti i had!! it was delish!!

drake and ben eating it up!!

this was chris' birthday cake.. he suggested a peanut butter pie, made by my mama..she did an awesome job!! it was sooo yummy!!

who is this??? this is the birthday couple!!!

scott, ben, and drake

we had a great birthday and we loved our time together.. i am thankful we make birthdays fun and special in our family!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


this has been a busy week..but i am looking forward to the weekend. my birthday is this weekend... i am almost sure we will be celebrating with family, and having some fun together.. i look forward to my daddy's jug..(LOL).. i have been busy this week with work, and we were told we were getting up to 1 inch of snow last night... haha.. very funny!!!! chris woke this morning to get ready for work, and i got up to see the snow!!! haha.. it looked like nothing more than a HARD frost... maybe, just maybe??? a light dusting!!!! i got up to see this?????? lol Needless to say, i returned to the sack, and fell back fast asleep!!!

Tonight, our church is having a popular singing group that has been around for a long time..''The Inspirations". i am sure it will be a packed house.. i hope to get to go.

Valentine's day is just around the corner... i love this holiday, but don't get me wrong, i really am glad that my hubby and i do stuff together, and celebrate our love for one another, not just on this day, but 365 days a year.. i am blessed to have a Christian hubby who understands me and respects me and does stuff for me, not just on holidays... i do not need chocolate and roses, for him to show his love.. i am the same way about him, and he knows that.. we will celebrate with a nice meal, and maybe a few things this weekend... :))..

hope everyone is having a blessed week!!

My beloved is mine, and I am his. Song of Solomon 2:16

Sunday, February 6, 2011

fun times with friends

with TRUE friends, even water drunk together is sweet enough.

we have had a fun week. we spent the week in Charleston, with my best friend, Leah, and her family. we both had some days off, so we wanted to catch up with this wonderful family.. Christmas is always a busy time for us both, so around this time of the year, we try to get together . we enjoyed some great family time, ate some great and yummy food, played with the kids, and had some rest and relaxation too..oh, and shopping... it was fun to watch videos with the kids and i am amazed at the kids how much they have grown, since summer....

we love our buddies..and we are so thankful for them.. i am thankful for good Christian friends, who we can fellowship with, laugh, cry, and be ourself with.. that, to me, is priceless, and something i will treasure forever.. the only thing i really hated about this trip was leaving, because it was so tough for a 2 year old to be telling me,''Please don't leave!!''.. so, i am very thankful and praise the Lord for my great friend, and her family!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just for mama

this post is just for you, mama...We love you and miss you and hope you are having a great day!!!