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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


the most famous question asked on this day is this..
September 11, 2001

 for me, I was a young twenty something lady who had just became engaged about 4 weeks before that... I was standing in my kitchen at home making me some breakfast... I remember the news was on, but it was kind of just ''noise'' I was hearing.. but what caught my attention was the news caster saying that it was going to some news they had heard of a plane crash into the world trade center... WHAT?? now, that will make you head straight to the tv to see for yourself... and that is what I did... I could not believe my eyes.... Watching the second one fly directly into the 2nd one on LIVE TV... this was awful.. all I could think of was ALL of the people that had went into eternity... just right there..  I IMMEDIATELY called my FIREFIGHTER.. I wanted to talk to him.. To make sure this was true, and to say ''I love you!!''
This day changed so many things FOREVER... it changed security FOREVER, it changed the meaning of family time FOREVER.. it changed my RESPECT for all of the Military, EMS, POLICE,AND  my fav, Firefighters FOREVER..

I am grateful for all the sacrifices all of these people made on that day. I am heartbroken  for the families who NEVER got to speak to their loved one again, or got ANY of their remains.. I am grateful for the passengers of those planes who did what they could to save their lives and risked their lives for the others.. THEY ARE TRUE HEROES IN MY BOOK..  So, on this day, 12 years later, I want to remember all the lives lost on this day, and pray for our nation , more than ever.. I want to thank all of the public workers . They are true heroes too, everyday to me, not just on 9-11.