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Saturday, June 22, 2013

SWEET summer time

oh, joy..... SUMMER has finally arrived.. We LOVE summer.. and kind of enjoy the heat too....We look forward to summer time every year. Love the taste of yummy mater samdwiches, (with duke's, of course, what else).... LOVE flip flops, tans, and cool summery treats grilling out, Low Country boils..... and LOVE trips with my family!!! Looking forward to some fun camping trips with the gang!!


As a child, I antcipated those last days of school.. I knew I was gonna get some LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER... mornings of sleeping in and fun times with my niece and nephew.. that is TIMES i WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER...

sights ARE easy to behold too in the summer time.... It becomes an earthly Paradise... BEAUTIFUL gardens full of FRESH veggies, awesome ocean views, and clear blue water!!! Looking forward to doing some summer canning soon!! We went on thursday to a nearby fruit stand.. Loved the smells and sights.. got some fresh tomatoes and peaches... YUMMMMM....  OH, and homemade ice cream...,,,,,,mmmmm!!

So, If you cant tell by now... We are loving that it is now summer...  Bring on the SUMMERTIME FUN!!