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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping and Such

it has been a rough few days here ......... i have been doing okay, just totally not into Christmas this year.. it really just does not seem like Christmas.... it feels like we just celebrated it.... the weather has been a lot warmer, and i have not been feeling 100 percent, and i miss my grandmother terribly.

my mother and i decided to do some much needed shopping yesterday.. i had not bought many Christmas presents, but decided i would go with my mother to try and get some more done.. i have most of it completed, with only a few more things to buy.. i want to say that i recieved a special ''unspoken'' unexpected blessing yesterday, and i was so happy.. God is good ,all the time!! i am looking forward to a few things this weekend,and upcoming week!! oh, and our brand new ''Cookout'' is open here in our town!!! so happy about that.. i love their milkshakes!! the caramel fudge is one of my favorites!! thanking God for his '' unspeakable Gift''!!


Monday, December 5, 2011


on wednesday night, my grandmaw crossed over to meet Jesus... safe forever more in His arms.... it was so special,and peaceful, and a such a blessing to be a apart of..i am so thankful He always knows best..the best time, place,etc....
if i had been about ten minutes later, i would NOT have been there....when she made it to the other side.... it was such a sweet, but sad time.... i am so thankful she is in heaven, and i will see her again one day.... we had a special trip with her about 3 weeks , that i would not take a million dollars for right now.. we had such a good time with her, my sis, and my mama... we took her shopping, and just focused on her wants and needs, and she got a fabulous steak dinner too... i know that trip was of the Lord.. and i got to spend those few days..all with her..and i will have memories to last a a life time... i have a few pics, but i have not downloaded them yet... hope you all cherish everyday, and live today, like it's the only day you have...:)))

Monday, November 28, 2011

being thankful

i am thankful for many things..most of which i take for granted everyday.. i am thankful for a home, that is ours, heat/air, food on the table, and for a husband who shares the cooking with a kitchen full of appliances, clean clothes, shoes to wear, a great church and church family.. my family, and my husband...

i am thankful for answered prayers.. we have seen several answered prayers in our family this year, and i still think there is more to come!!!! i am thankful for giving parents, who have worked hard all their lives to provide for me and my sisters, and who give of themselves everyday to others... i am thankful for my grandmother, who i know her days are numbered here on earth, but awaits her heavenly home soon...

i am thankful for new things, patience, guidence, and forgiveness... i am thankful for my TRUE friends...some of which i really thought were my true friends, but i have really realized who they REALLY are over the past few months...... grace....Godly advice, and for the Word of God to study, and for the ability to pray.. i am thankful for Salvation.. where would I be had it not been for Jesus??? i am thankful for my husband, and for his sacrificial giving of his time and talents.. he is truly my hero. as you can see, i could go on and on..but these are some things i am most thankful for this Thanksgiving season!! Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

''chill time''

a small catfish chris caught

pretty crane

awesome sunset over the lake

pretty sunny day with the sweets

yummy grilled pork chops..:)

fall colors shining through

little hungry there

rising across the lake

campsite at night

caught a shelllcracker..just after having a rod in the water a few minutes

wow, it has been awhile since my last post... we have had way toooo much going on around here.. my house looks like a cyclone has recently came through.. and i have bee working a few extra days.. i have not had any time to do much of anything....whew..ready for some rest and relaxation....

we did manage to sneek away for a 2 day ''mini fishing/camping'' trip on halloween.. it was fun and the weather was just fabulous... a little nip in the air... and the fish were not too hungry.. we did manage to catch a few...:)) love some fun time with the hubby!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

God Answers Prayer


i am so glad He hears me when I pray.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

worry or not worry??

WORRY.. sometimes i do this more than other times.. i worry about things i need to do at home, i worry about something that happened at work, i worry about money, i worry about my grandmaw.. i could go on and on.... but i need to refocus and realize He has everything under control. He knows the outcome of every situation before i even ever thought about it.

i have a heavy heart today. i am asking everyone to remember my grandmaw in prayer. her condition is getting worse. her lung is filling up with fluid again. the doctors are not giving us good news. i do not like seeing her in this condition. I am reminded today, that HIS eye is on the sparrow and i know He watches her, and will take care of her, according to His will. He takes care of the sparrows..then really, why should i feel discouraged???

i can sit and watch the birds in my yard. they are and seem to be so happy, carefree, and just love singing..why?? because they are happy, and they like sitting and watching, and enjoy the sunshine. they are under great care.

help me today, LORD, to realize and remember you can do ALL THINGS, and know what is best in every situation.

Luke 12:7 But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

Monday, October 10, 2011


HOLA...back from a lovely ,acton packed, relaxed, funfilled trip. we had a fun time, and enjoyed celebrating our anniversary. we ate a lot of good food, shoppped, and just had fun being together.

we had so much fun on this cruise. we had ports of call in grand cayman, and cozumel, mexico. it was fun exploring both places.

Friday, September 23, 2011

time flies

WOW!! where does the time go????? here it is the first WEEK of fall... wow.. time for crisp,cool, mornings, crunchy leaves..haha..raking them also.. apples, sipping on something HOTon the front this time of the year..but NOT what is around the corner... will be here before you know it..

Another thing that is just around the corner is my nephew's wedding... sniff, sniff...:))) i know it is a happy time for our family, but really, it just does not seem like he is old enough to be getting married.. that only means one thing..I AM GETTING OLDER..:(( HAHA.. we have enjoyed some cooler weather recently, and was able to have another family campout..and we spent a few days in pigeon forge to attend the bluegrass and bbq festival at dollywood! what a fun time..and the moutains was a great change of pace and scenery.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


we have had a great time these past few weeks.. if we have had a few days off work together, we have been taking little mini camping trips.. we have had a ball just being together, and enjoying the camping life.. we have found several ''new'' things to do, as far as organization, and cooked some great meals, and we survived our first thunderstorm, while camping.. we made it through it!! we are packing up and heading out again, for another little adventure... we are enjoying our little camper, it is not fancy, but is quickly becoming our ''home away from home'', and we have had so much fun, making memories with each other and with family and friends.

Monday, August 15, 2011

even in the valley

High upon this mountain, the sun is shining bright.

My heart is filled with gladness, here above the cares of life.

But, I 've just come through the valley, of trouble, fear,and pain,

It was there, I came to know my God, enough, to stand and say..

Even in the valley, God is good, Even in the valley, He is faithful and true.

He carries His children through, like He said He would.

Even in the valley, God is good.

This road of life has lead you, to a valley of defeat,

You wonder if the Father, has heard your desperate plea,

There is hope in that rugged place, where tears of sorrow dwell,

Can't you hear Him gently whispering,''Iam here, and all is well."

Even in the valley, God is good.

Even in the valley, He is fathful and true.

He carries His children through, like He said He would,

Even in the valley, God is good!!!

He is still good, no matter what we face, and He will be there with His Grace to see us through.

PSALM 16:11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life; in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day trippin

TABLE ROCK STATE PARK, JULY,2011 saturday was a fun day. we spent the day scouting out new campgrounds to take the camper... we had been to Table Rock and Devil's Fork before.. but we had not seen the camping areas... we are looking forward to going back here in a few weeks camping....


the beach area at Devil's Fork.. we had a fun time here just relaxing and

a pretty waterfall

Sassafrass Mountain :))


Drake got a new bike for his 8th birthday.. he was really wanting to learn how to ride it.... so, he had one of the best instructors around.. my daddy...LOL I can remember how he and my mama taught me how to ride a bike... basically, i did not have a choice, but to take off pedalling....or else...:)))drake and pawpaw hoot starting to learn..

daddy walking along side of drake,, teaching him about balance,and pedaling...

at this point, they both had just about had it....with each other..drake was getting that speech i got..years ago.....'' if u don't get back on those pedals..and keep pedaling...'' ''don't put your feet down anymore.!!!!!''

looking at the handlebars.....

he finally learned..and my daddy's patience got thinner and thinner... but now, drake will always have the memories of pawpaw hoot teaching him how to ride a bike... and he rides it everywhere, now...

Birthday Bashes

birthday buddy, bigeye

yummo cake

HAHA!! we celebrated birthdays over the past few weeks.... My nephew, Ethan, better known as ''BIGEYE'' celebrated his 21st,he is all grown up,where has the time went to?? more to come on

and my bro-in-law, scott, he turned 20+20+5 +1+1+110/........... haha cant count it all...jk







Knee Deep

Being ''knee deep'' in the water somewhere is one of '' my favorite things''.... We had a great time on our annual family beach vacation this year... the only thing, is that it was not ''complete''... my sis, angie, and her family did not get to make it.. they had to go to ballgames in NC, because my nephew, ben, had made ALLSTARS..(yea, ben).. but we had a great time... we enjoyed some yummy food, great beach weather..and some good shopping... and just plain relaxing..
a hottt day on the beach, and I was knee deep this day for sure..

Drake swimming

buddy and me <3

niece and me..we were sooo hungry.. waiting on our food

just had a greasy hamburger...:)

love them!!!

love, love,love

we rode the new skywheel... it is the second, largest, ferris wheel in the US

So tranquil and quiet this morning = PEACEFUL

WE had a blast, but missed my other sis, and her family like crazy..... but it was still great to get away!!!

bountiful blessings----Pear preserves

We have a pear tree in our yard. It has only produced a few pears, in years previously, but this year, was a year that the tree was loaded. We here at'' the simple gift'' tend to get excited when we have fresh produce to work with... so, you know what that means..... PEAR PRESERVES..:))

mama and I got together to make some delicious pear preserves.. i thought the pears were very pretty.

here are the pears cooking on the stove...

It takes ALL day to do this.. but it is sooo worth it...

after cooking with the sugar..putting them in HOTTTT jars..

they are a pretty color,some are darker than others..

the pretty display my mama did...

now, all we need is some HOTTTT, HOMEMADE, buttered biscuits...and we are good to go..

we had a blast, and it always good to get together with mama to do stuff like this in the kitchen..memories that I will have forever....<3