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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping and Such

it has been a rough few days here ......... i have been doing okay, just totally not into Christmas this year.. it really just does not seem like Christmas.... it feels like we just celebrated it.... the weather has been a lot warmer, and i have not been feeling 100 percent, and i miss my grandmother terribly.

my mother and i decided to do some much needed shopping yesterday.. i had not bought many Christmas presents, but decided i would go with my mother to try and get some more done.. i have most of it completed, with only a few more things to buy.. i want to say that i recieved a special ''unspoken'' unexpected blessing yesterday, and i was so happy.. God is good ,all the time!! i am looking forward to a few things this weekend,and upcoming week!! oh, and our brand new ''Cookout'' is open here in our town!!! so happy about that.. i love their milkshakes!! the caramel fudge is one of my favorites!! thanking God for his '' unspeakable Gift''!!


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