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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping and Such

it has been a rough few days here ......... i have been doing okay, just totally not into Christmas this year.. it really just does not seem like Christmas.... it feels like we just celebrated it.... the weather has been a lot warmer, and i have not been feeling 100 percent, and i miss my grandmother terribly.

my mother and i decided to do some much needed shopping yesterday.. i had not bought many Christmas presents, but decided i would go with my mother to try and get some more done.. i have most of it completed, with only a few more things to buy.. i want to say that i recieved a special ''unspoken'' unexpected blessing yesterday, and i was so happy.. God is good ,all the time!! i am looking forward to a few things this weekend,and upcoming week!! oh, and our brand new ''Cookout'' is open here in our town!!! so happy about that.. i love their milkshakes!! the caramel fudge is one of my favorites!! thanking God for his '' unspeakable Gift''!!


Monday, December 5, 2011


on wednesday night, my grandmaw crossed over to meet Jesus... safe forever more in His arms.... it was so special,and peaceful, and a such a blessing to be a apart of..i am so thankful He always knows best..the best time, place,etc....
if i had been about ten minutes later, i would NOT have been there....when she made it to the other side.... it was such a sweet, but sad time.... i am so thankful she is in heaven, and i will see her again one day.... we had a special trip with her about 3 weeks , that i would not take a million dollars for right now.. we had such a good time with her, my sis, and my mama... we took her shopping, and just focused on her wants and needs, and she got a fabulous steak dinner too... i know that trip was of the Lord.. and i got to spend those few days..all with her..and i will have memories to last a a life time... i have a few pics, but i have not downloaded them yet... hope you all cherish everyday, and live today, like it's the only day you have...:)))