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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring vs. Allergies

I love this time of the year, BUT it does NOT love me!!! i have really bad allergies, so, when the trees start to bud out, my '' faucet'' gets turned on full blast, if ya know what i mean??!!!!

I love to see the beauty of spring. i love tulips, and dogwoods, and the first SMELLS of warmer weather. this picture was actually taken last spring, in my grandmother's front yard.. she is enjoying this spring in Heaven!!!!! wow, can you imagine the beauty there?????

we re anticipating the warmer months to come. we enjoyed a week at the beach last week, was nice to get away, and bask in the sun, cook some yummy meals, and to shop, and to enjoy looking at different things. we had a great time.

i am looking forward to planting my herbs soon. i already have started my seeds. they are coming up nicely. i look forward to cooking with fresh herbs.. yum!!

Happy Spring, and go buy you some ALLERGY meds, if you are like me, you need them to survive these days!!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

ready for camping

yesterday's weather was picture perfect!! it was a very, warm, and sunny day. my mother and i got out and went shopping for a while. we went to our local goodwill, and went to run a few more errands. we went to a local deli/bistro for was soooo very good!!!
we awoke this morning to a heavy thunderstorm with really bad lightening..yikes.. last weekend, we went to a rv/camping show here in a nearby town.. we had sooo much fun looking at the new models, and all the different vendors. it made us excited for our next camping trip in a few weeks!!! we are sooo ready for this new camping season!!