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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Drake got a new bike for his 8th birthday.. he was really wanting to learn how to ride it.... so, he had one of the best instructors around.. my daddy...LOL I can remember how he and my mama taught me how to ride a bike... basically, i did not have a choice, but to take off pedalling....or else...:)))drake and pawpaw hoot starting to learn..

daddy walking along side of drake,, teaching him about balance,and pedaling...

at this point, they both had just about had it....with each other..drake was getting that speech i got..years ago.....'' if u don't get back on those pedals..and keep pedaling...'' ''don't put your feet down anymore.!!!!!''

looking at the handlebars.....

he finally learned..and my daddy's patience got thinner and thinner... but now, drake will always have the memories of pawpaw hoot teaching him how to ride a bike... and he rides it everywhere, now...

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