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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bountiful blessings----Pear preserves

We have a pear tree in our yard. It has only produced a few pears, in years previously, but this year, was a year that the tree was loaded. We here at'' the simple gift'' tend to get excited when we have fresh produce to work with... so, you know what that means..... PEAR PRESERVES..:))

mama and I got together to make some delicious pear preserves.. i thought the pears were very pretty.

here are the pears cooking on the stove...

It takes ALL day to do this.. but it is sooo worth it...

after cooking with the sugar..putting them in HOTTTT jars..

they are a pretty color,some are darker than others..

the pretty display my mama did...

now, all we need is some HOTTTT, HOMEMADE, buttered biscuits...and we are good to go..

we had a blast, and it always good to get together with mama to do stuff like this in the kitchen..memories that I will have forever....<3

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