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Sunday, February 6, 2011

fun times with friends

with TRUE friends, even water drunk together is sweet enough.

we have had a fun week. we spent the week in Charleston, with my best friend, Leah, and her family. we both had some days off, so we wanted to catch up with this wonderful family.. Christmas is always a busy time for us both, so around this time of the year, we try to get together . we enjoyed some great family time, ate some great and yummy food, played with the kids, and had some rest and relaxation too..oh, and shopping... it was fun to watch videos with the kids and i am amazed at the kids how much they have grown, since summer....

we love our buddies..and we are so thankful for them.. i am thankful for good Christian friends, who we can fellowship with, laugh, cry, and be ourself with.. that, to me, is priceless, and something i will treasure forever.. the only thing i really hated about this trip was leaving, because it was so tough for a 2 year old to be telling me,''Please don't leave!!''.. so, i am very thankful and praise the Lord for my great friend, and her family!!!

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