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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

go away old man!!

this lady spoke on cows and heifers.. i really desire to be a cow... i want to be one.. and if u are wondering.. i don't want to be a heifer... (you had to be there).. it was great!! go away old man..old man winter, that is..he has made a return here in the upstate for the past few days...he brought a weekend of chilly air and chilly rain... the rain, i know we need, but this cool air..hmmm... i am having issues with.. haha.. brrrrr.. my mother and i, along with the ladies from church had a wonderful weekend of laughs, tears, and wonderful nuggets from The Word... we went on a retreat to a sister church.. the theme was ''Southern Charm''...and i have never been more proud to be from the south after this weekend.. it was much needed, and it was packed..we saw lots of funny things.. and the speakers were great... i will elaborate on some in future posts... we had fun shopping, and fellowship, but little rest..which is why i am soooo tired this week.. oh well, rest in my future... and just in case you are wondering.. I love my SWEET tea...haha

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