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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

catching up - Part one

wow..our name is on the sign!!

the pool area

another view in side the hotel

some of our teens from the back

Bro. Tony Hutson

Bro. Tony and Pastor Goodman

me and my sweets!! <3

this the men's quartet from Middle Tennessee Baptist Church

Sorry, bloggerland..or should I say just the handful of you that read my blog.. i have been extremely busy over the past few weeks, that i have not had the time to blog, much less do much of anything else, but sleep, eat, work..repeat steps 1-3... lol...

i promise to try to do better!!! spring is in full swing or bloom??!!!!! it is just beautimus around here, and love everything green again, but it does NOT love me.. sniff, sniff!! i had to go to the dr. the other day for wheezing, sneezing, and a really bad cough!! thank God for those shots in the hip, and for z-pack!! they bounce you back in no time!!!!! and cough syrup to i might add!!

we were priveleged to go with the youth from church to the annual teen campmeeting they have every year with Bro. Tony Hutson. our Pastor preaches there every year and we take a bus load of teens there for a few days!! it was wonderful as always!! it is always great to go to other churches that worship they way you do, and you can feel the Spirit of the Lord,and His blessings on our young people.. we started up to Tn on thursday morning, arrived late thursday afternoon, got checked in, ate a pizza supper, had a few devotions, brought to us by a few of our Preacher boys..and then the kids swam, and played games and such, had a testimony time, and got ready for friday's FULL day of meetings. friday was a full day, really.. we had a morning service, came back, ate a good meal, then went back to hotel for rest,and swimtime, and then got ready for friday night's service.. it was great!! we had a good service, so good, that at 1100 pm, Bro. tony broke for supper(HAHA), and went at it again till about 100am.. we arrived back at the hotel going on 2am!! needless to say, not a lot of rest, and then went back on saturday morning!!! it was great.. we left there and headed back home, and got back around 12 on saturday night.. we had a wonderful time, and had a great time of fellowship too!! the LORD is good!! the teens had a time of testimony time on Sunday, telling everybody at church about the meeting.. we heard about 12 different Preachers while we were there, and had a great time in God's house!!

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