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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

playing catch up - part two

so, playing catch up on here is rough... but i will do it anyway!! we had a few days off last week together, so, we decided to load up the camper, and get away for a few days!! the weather was just perfect for camping.. we had such a great time, doing absolutely NOTHING but resting, eating, relaxing, and fishing!!

we had a beautiful view of the lake

the water was so calm

yummo grilled porkchop meal the first night!!

the pretty, sunny, blue sky!!


gotta have these festive lights!!

grilled it!!

bbq bread, fried taters, chicken...mmm

lakeview as sun was setting

It's campfire time!!!! bring on the marshmellows!!

ok.. had to get a pic of us.. but keep in mind.. we ain't trying to be pretty!! i had no makeup on, and Chris had not shaved!!

''tree huggers''

''why are you sticking your tongue out at me???''

we had a fun, fun time, and started thinking about where we want to go camping next???

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