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Monday, April 8, 2013

Being Contented Part 2

 1 Timothy 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.
hello everyone in bloggerland. i hope everyone has had a wonderful week celebrating Easter, and our Lord Jesus Christ is STILL ALIVE, AMEN!! I was reviewing some previous posts i had made, and i started thinking/writing more on them. One in particular stuck out at me. It was on being contented... some people have it ALL wrong. they are content with the wrong things. it is all about material things, or what all they can get. My Sunday school teacher was teaching yesterday on young couples who try to have everything in the first few years of marriage, that it took their parents 30 years to work for.... This is a very true statement... i know of people right now, that have went in so much debt their first five years of marriage, and now, they are working themselves to death trying to pay for all of that... they are neglecting the Church on Sunday, and not getting to spend time with their family beacuse they have to work to pay bills!!!! THIS IS THEIR CONTENTMENT!!!
 what things have made you content this week?? is it the blessings of God??? Living in HIS will for your life???? Sometimes it is hard to be in content when something goes wrong.. especially with a family member or close friend.. or when someone has done you wrong, or said something about your child... but we can still be in content knowing HE will take care of us... Being godly,brings great content.. knowing we want to live for Him, and serve Him.. this is the will of God...

 Last year in June, I went with my mother and some of the ''seniors'' at my church to Natural Bridge, Va. We had a great time and had some of the best laughs I have had in a LONG time.. This brought contentment to my heart and life... AND it made my MAMA happy too... you see, we had just lost my grandmother, and my mama needed a little time away.. I was so glad for her to get to go on this trip. We had a great time, and  it was wonderful time with our friends too!!
 LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! THIS BRINGS CONTENTMENT TO MY HEART ALSO... The lady in the pink shirt is Marla...She was our van driver.. She was a great helper to us that weekend, and we love her so much!!!! Since then, this past January, Marla was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer...She has been undergoing treatment for this, and will go this week to find out if the treatments are doing her any good.. She came to church last night, and stood and testified how she knows that God is in control of her Cancer, and He knows the plan for her life, and she is okay with whatever that may be.. THIS IS BEING CONTENTED!!!! CONTENT with what her future holds... I will always remember this!! Just when you think you got it bad, remember someone else is facing far more something than you!!! She was so full of herself on this trip last year, and we made some fun, lasting memories!!! Some I will always cherish, and think of how contented they made me!!!

 these are just some pictures from the trip i wanted to share.... animals from the safari, and how sweet and content they were with us feeding them...loved this!!
 Fun times with my mama!!

 my  buddy and her mama playing around and acting crazy!! this made my heart smile, because they needed this trip like my mother and I did...
It's times like these, that the Lord sends in our lives.. He sends them always at the right time... Christian fellowship is a great thing... It BRINGS is great to talk about the blessings of God with other believers, and share your burdens with others... our own abilities do NOT bring true contentment.Trust in the LORD to provide for you, and HE WILL!!  OUR attitude toward  ''things'' makes a HUGE difference in being contented.. we may be in a bad mood and take it  out on other people.... to''some'' people this brings them contentment...but it really does not!!!
In closing, I want to be contented, and right now, i feel really contented.. I am blessed every day, and I thank God for that. I want to have a servant's heart. Do you want a servant's heart??? Be willing to help in any way, and do it for the Lord. this brings TRUE CONTENTMENT!! Keeping our focus on HIm , not material things, brings contentment, ALWAYS!!!

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