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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Servant's Heart

hello bloggerland, it is a dark, cloudy ,rainy Saturday here at the Simple Gift. We are being a bit lazy, but trying to be productive too at the same time. I have already put on some things for Sunday Lunch, and we have had our lunch, loaded the dishwasher, and folded and put away some clothes, worked on some more laundry and such. Our plans were to do some'' around the house stuff'' today, outside.. but God decided that we should have rain instead, so, WE are thankful for the rain anyway..

we had a fun time last night celebrating JULY birthdays.. our Brother in law, Scott, nephew, Ethan, and Nephew, Drake all have July birthdays.. We usually do them separate, but Scott has recently been in the hospital with chest pain, so we just then got to celebrating the birthdays.. We had a yummy supper of Steak/ Gravy, Baked Potatoes, Salad, and Biscuits.. and Birthday Cake, and HOMEMADE BUTTER PECAN AND VANILLA ICE CREAM!!!! yummmm!! We always enjoy our family time..
Dear Sweet Lady

Proverbs 29:23 A man's pride shall bring him low; but honour  shall uphold the humble in spirit.

Having a servant's heart. That's something I desire, and something we all need to have..We need to be willing to help others who are in need. YOU may be the person that can help that ''one person'' for the day. That's something that I have to remind myself of everyday. YOU may have those exact words a person needs to hear, a prayer, or just being there to let that other person know you care. I am convicted of this, as I write.. I am sometimes too busy with things in my own life that I neglect this area, and I know I need to work on this area.

Having a servant's heart requires yielding yourself to God, and letting Him use you for HIS honor and Glory..NOT expecting anything in return. That includes anything YOU may want, not  ''making deals with God'', and NOT worried about you getting the crcdit for it.. I believe the Lord TRULY BLESSES THOSE WITH A TRUE SERVANT'S HEART!!!

I had the privilege of visiting a dear Saint in a nearby Hospice Home yesterday. It blessed my heart to see her family surround her with love,and giving her love and encouragement during her final days here.. They know she is going to a much better place and NO MORE STROKE!! AMEN. As I was visiting this lady with my sisters and mama, I couldn't help but think back upon this dear lady's life. As a child, and even on up to my early 20's, I use to watch this dear lady get up in Church, and testify as to how the Lord has blessed her and her family, how she was thankful for HIS goodness, and how she was thankful for her Salvation, BUT she always ended with asking for Prayer, for SOMEONE in her family. She was concerned about her family. That was and is still such a blessing to me. She loved to hear her family sing and play in the Gospel/Bluegrass group at the Church. This was such a blessing. She always put herself above others. She took care of her family, she definitely had a servant's heart.. The Lord has truly blessed her life and her family through the years. Through several generations, the Lord has brought great Men of God up in her family to preach the WORD, Praise the Lord!!What a blessing to have a grandson, and 2 great grandsons that are Preachers, and Grandaughters being used as Sunday School Teachers/ Deacon's wives.. Thank the Lord. She is ready to meet the Lord anytime. What a blessing. A great testimony of The Lord's goodness.
I hope I can always have a servant's heart, and I desire that He will use me for that.


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