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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

beach bumzz

 well, we, the beach bummz have returned. we have had tons of fun, quality family time together, and some good food... we made our famous jambalaya, ate some yummy burgers, and some fun in the sun!!
 Ben and girlfriend, Madison.. so glad they finally joined our clan on Saturday, after already being there a week with her family!!
 Our niece, Corrie, and boyfriend, Kevin  ALL SMILES!!
 and all the boats coming in to the marina
 sister Lorieann and nephew Drake
 this was a beautiful day at the beach
 loved the cool fireworks, and this reminded me of something like pixie dust in the sky!!
sister Angie, and nephew Ethan and wife Hailey came too.. oh, and Baby Cooper in there too!!!
We enjoyed our family time, but it was NOT complete, because my mommy and daddy did NOT come!!! oh well, hopefully next time!!
****ALWAYS enjoy family time!! NEVER take it for granted!! Memories are WORTH making!!!****

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