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Friday, December 13, 2013

We believe


gentle JESUS
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
Look upon a little child.
Pity my simplicity,
Suffer me to come to thee.
Lamb of God, I look to thee,
Thou shalt my example be.
Thou art gentle, meek and mild,
Thou once was a little child.
Fain I would be as thou art,
Give me thy an obedient heart.
Thou art pitiful and kind,
Let me have thy loving mind.
Loving Jesus, little lamb,
In thy gracious hands I am,
Make me Savior what thou art,
Live thyself within my heart.

Christ came as a gentle, meek, and mild child. It is truly a miracle. I saw a sign in a nearby yard the other day. It Caught me a little by surprise. it said in big letters, ''WE BELIEVE''. You just looking at that would probably think they'' believe''
in Santa. Underneath the letters were a manger scene.. HOW PRECIOUS!! The thought started in my mind that urged this post.. Believing in MIRACLES.. Do you really believe in miracles?? I do. Miracles are performed everyday. They are all around us. Cancer survivors, recovered alcoholics, family members that have walked away from a wreck, etc. You understand what I mean.. Several Miracles were performed in the Bible , including  the feeding of the 5000, the Fourth Man in the Fire, the Parting of the Red sea,  Giving the sight to  blinded eyes, Calming the storm, with'' PEACE BE STILL''   But do you believe in the Miracle?? The miracle of Christ?  Life is full of miracles, whether we believe it or not.  We need to receive miracles JOYFULLY.. happy to receive them in to our lives, as they happen. We need to be thankful for them as we receive them.
The greatest miracle is when GOD sent His Son for us. I am thankful for this. This miracle calms fears, dries tears, takes care of our every need. He is always near. He is there for us. We can pray to Him for guidance and strength to get us through. This also helps with  NEGATIVE things. Negative people, negative attitudes, negative family members, negative issues going on all around us.. I want to surround myself with positive things at Christmas time. The Miracle of His Birth is a joyous occasion.  Think of all the Miracles you have witnessed in our your own life, and accept the Greatest Miracle.

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