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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hand Over Mouth

Psalms 141:3 Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.
Words.... we use them everyday. Some can be used as an encouragement. Some can be used to be hurtful. Has anyone ever said anything to you, and you were left with your jaw to the floor...??? Have you ever read something in the newspaper or seen something on facebook about you or someone else and you could not believe what the person was saying about that person..????? WOW, words hurt!!!
Sometimes, words can be used as a cutdown or to destroy one's character if they are said about someone. I was talking with someone the other day. We were discussing something that had been going on lately. One person's life has been taken, simply because she could not take people bullying her or words that were said about her or her family!!! WOW, words hurt!!!!!!
I , as a child,  had a so called ''friend'' who I thought was a friend.. Little did I know... She said hurtful ,cruel, things to me and about me that I will NEVER forget... AND encouraged others to join in... Name calling, and performing bully acts is something that happens all the time.. In HIS own time, God took care of this, in HIS own way!!!! Have I forgave that?? YES, but it is something that you will remember FOREVER!!! WOW, words hurt!!!!
Sometimes people can say things not about you, but can say other things about somebody or thinking they can be ''showing off in front of others''... Words can hurt!! Some can have their little group of friends, which is usually just TROUBLE to begin with. They can destroy someone and think they are HOLIER THAN THOU...Sometimes, these people can make you unhappy , and they start to ''rub off'' on you.. You act just like them.. In these cases, you just have go on... without those kind of people.. sad, but true!! WOW, words hurt!!
I have a problem of sometimes speaking before thinking.. I can't help sometimes that what comes up, comes out. I need to be more careful of this.. I need to guard my mouth.. I need to not be so quick to speak of things sometime... and also, NOT listen to it either... put my hand over my mouth if it helps!!!! LOL

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