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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Filet and Fondue

We had planned on having a fun steak date here at home last week for my birthday/ Valentines.. The weather , kind of changed our plans a little.. So, we had it tonight.. It was a beautiful night to grill.. and got my ''Camping Itch'' going a little..

We love steak.. We love to grill and chill...

We made it a little ''fancy''... lol as you can see ,we are not too ''fancy'' but I did get out the pretty dishes, prepared the table with the linens,  candlelight, and ''fake candles'' too... 
we had filet mignon,  baked potatoes, rolls, and salad..
and for the dessert.... I got a new fondue pot.... We have been wanting to try it out.... It was so yummy!!!!!! we had a yummy Chocolate sauce fondue, and a lot of yummy things for dipping... Strawberries, Grapes, sugar wafers. marshmellows, graham crackers... YUMMAZING.. and it was a fun'' Steak date'' with fun fondue !!! How sweet and romantic.... Next time, we gonna try a cheese fondue.. I can't wait!!!.  Love doing things like this with my hubby!! This a great date night idea and not very expensive...

How do you spell  LOVE ???


''For better or for worse.... but NOT for granted.''

1 comment:

Kristi said...

That DOES sound like a great date night. I love doing things like this with my hubby too.
I have a Hershey Fondue set a friend gave me for my birthday one year. It's cute. It looks like a Chocolate Kiss. <3
Fun, fun!