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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

nice time off

bbq, bbq, bbq

i have had some time off... i am glad that i have had it. we went to a bbq place in a neighboring town the other night. it was new to us, we had never been there before. we pass it on the way to the lake.... we have said we were going to try it one day.. that day came friday night.we were running a little behind,and it was late before we left, but it was worth all the drive.chris had the chopped bbq plate, and i had the rib plate. i ordered potato salad... boy, am i glad i did.i am really ''spoiled'' on ann's potato salad. her's is hard to beat. this potato salad was awesome!!! on the way home, i caught this beautiful sunset!!! it was great to see.

saturday night, our church was invited to a youth rally at a neighboring church. they had a combined choir, and we got there in time to eat a meal. the visiting preacher was mr. lee davis. he was really good.. i had never heard him before.

today, i had to go to the doctor for some tests. i do not know any of the results yet.. pray for me that i will get a good report. have a great humpday!!!


A Hoppy Teacher said...

That food looks delish!

Kristi said...

Where was this restaurant??? The food looks so good. Hannah and I are ready to go there now. LOL

I'll pray about your tests.


Lisa said...

The food looks good. I will be praying for you to get good results on your test.
Hugs. Lisa

Kimberly said...

Glad ya'll enjoyed the restaurant!! Where is it located?

We had a great time in Savannah! I loved Paula Deen's. It was so delish! Thanks for all the info.

We also went to Tybee Island and ate at The Breakfast Club and enjoyed that very much also. We then visited the Lighthouse.

Thanks again,