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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just can it!!

i have been really too busy to even think about blogging lately. we went out saturday night to eat with some friends at church. we had a great time just talking and going over things for the upcoming sigma year. after supper, we came home to relax. sunday was a great day, both services. sunday night, we learned that a dear lady in our church had passed away. she had a battle with cancer, and her body was just wasting away.... she is in Heaven, though... and she is not suffering anymore...

monday, my mother took my sisters, niece, and i out for lunch. we had a great time with just ''the girls''... we just sat and talked and had a blast...eating. i had to work tuesday and wednesday.last night, i finished up a batch of my homemade apple butter. our apples are plentiful this year, and i am not letting them go to waste!!! last year, they did not produce all that well. we are making up for it this year. i canned 6 half pints last night, and plan to do more tommorrow. i am going to post pics tommorrow of the apple butter. well. time for some sleep.. i have a early appointment in the morning. have a blessed evening.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love apple butter. I bet your house smells so good. I love to smell apples cooking.
Hugs. Lisa