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Sunday, August 31, 2008

canning and fishing

well, i promised pics of my canning project last week. i finally got them downloaded. i am very proud of the way my mother and grandmother taught me of the art of canning. it is part of my childhood that i remember and count it fond... i love to do any type of pickles, jams, jellies, preserves, butters, get the deal.our apples were very plentiful, and pretty too, i might add.

this was the finished product. i think it turned out pretty, and very tasty too... chris thinks it is delish.. i have made several rounds, and still plan to do more...

on thursday, we took the boat out for a day on the lake. it was a very hot, overcast day at first.. then, after lunch, the sun started to come out, and it became rather warm... i am sad to say that he beat me on thursday, he caught 3 fish. i did not catch a thing.. i did have several good bites, but did not catch!!! i took this pic as soon as we got out on the water. this spot is where we usually where we catch a bunch of fish .we left the lake around 3 pm, and stopped for a great lunch/ supper... i had fried catfish fillet, ironic, i know... chris had a chopped bbq plate, and we had scrumptious pecan pie for dessert!!!! it was yummy!!!!


Lisa said...

The apple butter looks good and I love all you pictures. Have a great Labor Day.

Kristi said...

OK, you didn't get the hint I left you on your other post about the applebutter. So let me try again....
I LOVE applebutter! Sure would be nice if someone brought me some!