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Thursday, August 7, 2008

beautiful crepe myrtles

today has been a beautiful day. our crepe myrtles are in full bloom, and they are gorgeous this year. they have grown so much over the past year, it is unreal. we both had the day off today. we spent the day at the pool, and then we went for a late lunch. we had some errands to run. it has been so hot here this week, and we have had some thunder today, and a little rain. we need rain so much, here!!!! the lakes around here are growing grass!!!


Lisa said...

Your Crepe myrtles are beautiful. I hope the rain comes soon with cooler temps. Have a great weekend.
Hugs. Lisa

The Sisters said...

Hi Dana,
Your Crepe Myrtles are very pretty!
Ours have been blooming for awhile now. We sure will be looking forward to the rain! (;

`Have a good weekend!

Kristi said...

Very dry indeed! There's a pond we pass on the way to church and this time last year, children were splashing and swimming in it. This year, they can barely wade in it. Very sad.