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Saturday, August 2, 2008

grandfather mountain

yesterday, we took a day trip to grandfather mountain. chris had never been there before. i had, as a small child, but did not remember it well. anyway, after a quick bite for breakfast and a trip to the bank, and also for gas, we were on our way.everything was great. we first went to the nature museum. it is all about endangered species, gems, and birds, and flowers. they also have eagle, bear, deer, and otter exhibits. the mountain is around 65 million years old. this eagle had just ate lunch. he was beautiful.
this is the highest swinging footbridge in have a 360 degree view.
i love this view!!
once you cross the bridge, you can continue to go on out to some more rocks. it was adventurous and a little scary....if you don't have good balance like me.. chris loved the views.
these bears were so funny to watch.. the one on the left just looked dead at me and sat up like this. it was so cute..
this is us right before we crossed the bridge. first off, i am not real fond of bridges, much less swinging ones... was really something. that was the first time i had ever crossed it...but praise the LORD, I made it.. chris said i ran across it, i do not remember!!!
how can anybody not see GOD'S HAND at work??
this is us at the highest peak on the mountain. it was 77 degrees and the wind was blowing really fast and hard.. it was cool, but it made the bridge swing more...ugh!!!
i can not believe i actually stood still long enough on the bridge to take this pic, but i overcame a fear, and trusted the LORD to help me... we made it!!!!

i love hummingbirds... i have never seen as many at one time as i did this day..... there was a pine tree near about 5 feeders.. they were all in the tree, waiting their turn for a ''sweet drink.'' it was amazing!!!!!!! they sound like bees..
this otter posed real cute for chris..
oh yes, there he is.. how beautiful.. he was just sitting there resting.. it was awesome to watch him... and look, he is in velvet.... chris wanted him on our wall!!!

we had a wonderful time, and we ate a nice little lunch there in the snack shop before we drove on up to the bridge..then we visited the gift shop, and i picked up a few little, souvineirs, before we headed down the mountain. we went back through Little Switzerland.. it was a cute, little , quaint, town.. it had some little shops.. we went in the shops. we then drove back toward home. we stopped for a great , mexican, supper before going home. we were tired, but we had some nice, and much needed couple time ..


Lisa said...

I am so proud of you for crossing that bridge. I don't think I would have. Your pictures were lovely.
Hugs. Lisa

Kristi said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you overcame your fear of the bridge. I have to say, that's not exactly my cup of tea either. lol

Thanks again for my thimble!