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Saturday, August 23, 2008

chocolate dunkers,yum

hello to all, i hope you are enjoying your weekend. we have had some joyful days... we were both off on friday. we ate a yummy, homemade breakfast with my mother, daddy, niece, and nephew on friday morning.we had a great day. we went to run some errands, and came home. we then did some things around home, and went for a late lunch/early supper. we enjoyed our time.. we have been really busy, and have not had a lot of time together lately...

last night, we attended a memorial service for another lady, who just passed away this week.. with cancer. that makes 3 people that have passed in the past 10 days, that attended my church.. it was such a sweet service, so sweet in fact, that 1 of her children, her oldest son, got saved... now, her wish was fullfilled.the greatest thing about all of this, is that she is no longer struggling to breathe, or no more cancer taking over her body...she is with her LORD!!!!!

we came home, and i finished up canning another round of my apple butter. it is so fun to make, and it always takes me back to my childhood......some things you never forget... oh, the memories,sniff, sniff........ anyway, tonight we ate pizza, oh so good... and for dessert, the new chocolate dunkers......yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! they were awesome, and great for that chocolate craving!!! time for a great night's rest!!!

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Kristi said...

I'm sure you put back a small jar of apple butter for your dear sweet friends. Because they just LOVE your apple butter. *HINT HINT!!!* lol

Mrs. Weather's had a wonderful memorial service and her son was at church for both services yesterday. PTL!

Speaking of which, you missed it last night. Pastor called up all the former youth choir members from the past that still attend our church and they sang with the youth choir last night. I believe the oldest one up there was Linda Wiggins. I posted a video of them all singing.

Love ya,