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Thursday, July 17, 2008

yummy yummy for my tummy

this morning, chris and i headed over to my parent's home for breakfast... we had biscuits and gravy, bacon, livermush,(MY FAV).. eggs, and bacon,fresh sliced tomatoes, canteloupe... you get the picture..... oh me oh my... i ate till i was about sick... it was very good.. also, my sister angie , and ben came, along with drake, and my niece, corrie, came by before she had to go to work. i was glad she got to come.. it was ever so good.

chris and i came home, and did some laundry.. i had about 5 loads still left from our trip.... and i even washed some while on the trip!!!! after we got the laundry caught up, we decided to go out to the pool for was great to just lay on that float and do NOTHING!!!
we came in after about 4 hrs. and got ready for supper. we went to a nearby restaurant, and then we had to go walmart to get a few things.
on the way home, we had our excitement for the night, the big bank in our town was on fire!!!!!
even though chris was off of work, he still went to the fire... it was on the roof of this 70 year old building. they got it under control after about an hour... that was exciting to watch all of the older people come by the bank, i think they thought it had burnt to the ground..

we came home and we got some of our pictures from vacation downloaded, finally. hopefully, i will get to publish them soon. tommorrow, ethan comes home from puerto rico. we are ready to see him!!!.. and all of the other teens from church!!!!!


Happymama said...

Can't wait to see your pics! Breakfast at your mama's sounded sooo good! I can eat that kind of breakfast anytime of the day.

Here lately, my favorite breakfast, though, is vanilla yogurt with peaches and crushed granola. Mmmmmm!


Lisa said...

This is a breakfast for a king and a queen. Yummers..Have a great weekend. Love ya~ Lisa

The Sisters said...

Hi Dana,
We just wanted to stop by and say hello! hope you have a wonderful week!!

Love,Holly and Katie