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Friday, July 11, 2008

fresh seafood

this is the view from my friend's back porch

hi, and welcome .... it has been hot and hotter these past few days. we have been so busy going here and there... we have not had time to post. we arrived here, in charleston, on thursday afternoon. we have been spending some much needed friend time. we left the boys at home. they went fishing, while we.. you guessed it.. shopped!!!!! we love this family so much and their little girl, emaline ,is so precious...we went to supper and got a great burger basket from a bbq place called bessinger's... it was delish.. we usually go there when we visit.. but usually it is for their buffet..

on friday night, we went to a restaurant that we have never been to before. it is a favorite of the locals of charleston. my friend told us about it the last time we went to is down on the water in mt. pleasant. it is called ''the wreck of richard and charlene. ''. it is named this because it was a building that housed the local seafood, when hurricane hugo came through,it totally wrecked the place, they made a nice restaurant out of it, and you can get some of the best and fresh seafood you will find in is not a very fancy place. you eat out of paper plates, and it is very simple.... but the view is amazing...

we had a great dinner. i had the seafood platter, which had shrimp, scallops, oysters, and mahi mahi. it came with red rice,slaw, silvia beans, and a hominy cake... very interesting, but delish!!!!we enjoyed this very much. i have a ton more pics that i will post later..


A Hoppy Teacher said...

Glad you're havin' fun. I can't wait until we go to the beach.

Lisa said...

Sounds like your having fun. The girl's love Charleston. We will have to try this seafood place out.
Have fun. Lisa