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Thursday, July 24, 2008

cool in the pool

today, chris and i had the day off. it was another warm day here, in the south. today,angie, drake, ben, and my mother came to join us for lunch and a cool day in the pool.we had a great time and a lot of fun was had by all. my mother brought homemade chicken salad.. she makes it just like a favorite restaurant of mine used to make it.. i love it when the kids jump and play, and splash around in the pool. it brings back so many childhood memories and summers spent at my aunt's home. i love it too, because it gives mother, my sister's and i a chance to ''catch up'' on what's been going on and the current things in our lives.
tonight, we went and grabbed a quick bite, and came home to just relax and do nothing.chris was so sweet this morning .. he helped me a lot with the housework..

i have been studying lately on trials, and how they can and will effect us. i started this, unaware really, of a trial our family would face, and have been facing for the past year. hopefully, within the next few months, everything will come full circle... and the LORD will prevail.

i am reading a book about trials and the benefits that come from trials.the LORD sends trials to test us, sometime..GOD knows that our trials will be for our good,and they will glorify and contribute to HIS purposes..this also makes us more dependant on HIM, and makes us more useful for HIM. we want to be used for whatever HE wants to use us for..

as a child of GOD,HE has a complete and mature you. JAMES 1:4
we , as a family, have to trust GOD, to do HIS work, (which is already happening).. and also to trust that HIS true and perfect will is done!!!!!
i read this caption the other day, it said..''The shortest way to maturity is God's path, which leads us straight through our trials.''
praise HIM for that!!! have a blessed night!!!


Kristi said...

Very good study there, Dana. I can certainly say that our trials have brought us closer to the Lord and has given us a renewed outlook on what being a child of God is all about and how wonderful it is to totally depend on Him.


Lisa said...

I enjoyed you post.I think God's sends us trials in our life to get us where we need to be in our Christian walk. Take care. Lisa

A Hoppy Teacher said...

I love lazy days by the pool too. Thank God for having sisters that are also your buddies.

The Sisters said...

Hi Dana,
Hope you have had a great weekend!
We have given you an award. Go on over to our blog to check it out.

Summer Girl said...

Have have given you an award.. go check out my blog for the details..