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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

here i am

well, here i am again, back to the ''real world''!!! it was so hard to come home and get back into the swing of things... you know, the usual grind of getting your ducks in a row, and getting back to the normal life... and monday was ''monday'' all day!!!!!
i must say, we had a great week with the family last week, and i am very thankful that my daddy was even able to go on vacation with us.. he was diagnosed with rocky mtn. spotted fever, just a week before... he is feeling much better, thank the LORD..
i ,too, was so glad to get to spend some time with shane and leah, and was so special and refreshing!!! i love my bff!!!!

we have had some situations in our church family this week.. some surgeries, and some sickness.. they really need your prayers.. GOD is evident in all of these things, and has been so good...

my mother is cooking us breakfast in the morning... i can not wait... there's nothing like her biscuits and gravy.. and strawberry buttered biscuits.. i can taste it now..
today is my nephew, ethan, aka, bigeye..,,18th birthday.. he is in puerto rico on a church mission trip. i talked with him this morning... he sounded great.. it is probably the only time he will spend his birthday in p.r. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!!!


Lisa said...

I am glad you had a great vacation and I'm go glad your feeling better.I hope everyone at church is doing better.Hugs. Lisa

Happymama said...

WOW! I can't believe Ethan is 18! Happy Birthday, Ethan!!

I'm glad you had a good time on vacation and that your dad was able to go.

Your breakfast is sounding pretty good right now.

I tagged you for a meme. Stop by Thimble Thoughts and see. The post is titled "Tagged!"


Nanny said...

Hello Dana & Chris,
I am so glad that you guys had a great time on your vacation. The strawberry bis. sounds great. I will have to get the ingre. for that.
Thank you for praying for Larry. I too am glad that God answered that prayer for all of us about leaving the hospital yesterday.
Keep praying and I love you guys.
Mama Mama Birt