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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

things you might not know

last week, i was tagged by kristi from thimble thoughts, for a meme. it was 6 quirky, or wierd things about me you need to know. but, i am adding 8 things, not 6.. i am not posting the rules, nor am i tagging anybody else. i dont have anybody else to tag.. they have all pretty much been tagged by someone else.with that said, that leads me to my first thing.

*** i do not always play ''by the rules.'',lol... i like to play by my own!!!!!, lol!!!
i am the type of person that doesn't like preset stuff...

*** haha... guess?? i AM NOT a morning person. i do not like to get up early, nor do i like to be woke up. i like to get up on my own. we set the clock early, just so i have a few minutes just to wake up. i know, i know , this WILL change when i have children, but for now, that's the way it is!!

*** i do not like to pump gas!!!!! i hardly ever put my own gas in my car.. chris usually does it for me!!!!!

***one of the last things i do before leaving my home to go anywhere, is take one last look in the mirror, just to make sure everything is in ''place''!!!

*** at night, i have to sleep with 2 fans and also a sound machiene. i have to have a little noise or forget it, it is going to be a long night!!!

***i DO NOT like eating leftovers... that is not saying i will not eat them... it is just not my favorite thing to do..that is why when we cook a meal here at home, we cook as little as possible, to keep from eating leftovers!!!!! but it is really cheaper now days, just to go and grab something!!

*** i do not like to be talked to while i am reading the newspaper.... it really gets on my nerves. i kind of have a one tracked mind, ya know??

*** i can not eat breakfast first thing in the morning when i get up... i have to wait a little bit.. mainly, because i will get sick if i do, but also, i take a medicene in the morning that makes me wait at least 30 minutes, before i eat anything.

so, there you have it, some things quirky, about me, that you did not know!!!! now, i am going to take a nap!!!

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Lisa said...

I don't like to be talked when I read anything lol.I am not a morning -person either.I enjoyed reading these things about you.