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Sunday, June 8, 2008

WARM weekend

we have had a warm weekend again, here, in the upstate. we spent time this weekend at the pool trying to stay can only stay so long, even in the pool, and it starts to get hot. chris had to work yesterday. we were all going to supper last night, and they got a call, right in front of the fire department. a teenager ran into a power pole, knocking out the fd's cable and internet. we ordered from a nearby bbq place, and i went to pick it up.
today, we had a good day at church. we had our graduation service tonight. my nephew, ethan, graduates tuesday, along with his friends, mark, and john. we are all so proud of them .
hope ya have a great night, and be blessed.


Lisa said...

It has been to hot girl! I'm like you even the pool gets to hot or in our case to crowded.Congratulations to all the graduates.Love ya <3 Lisa

Happymama said...

I hope the girl that hit the pole is OK. And yeppers! It's been hot. Hannah told me you called. I'm on the phone with mom right now and I have to make one more call. I'll call you in a bit.

Love ya,