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Saturday, June 14, 2008

''the broad river opry''

pure harmony
minnie pearl, aka aunt mildred
the flower's family
well, i know you are interested now, since ya read the title of this post, right?? let's just say nashville came to north carolina tonight,lol!! we, ''pure harmony'', got an invitation to sing at a neighboring church, tonight. it was a little different. the title of the fundraiser was ''the broad river opry''. we also were considered an ''act'',lol...
anyway, some of my kin folk attend this church, so that is all i will say about the details of the fundraiser. we sang first, and then there was an ensemble from their church, they did a good job, and then some comedy.''minnie pearl'', aka,aunt mildred,(CHRIS' AUNT), provided a few jokes, some were knee- slappers, some were not, lol.. then the ''main act'' of the evening was the flower's family. they sang and played a variety of bluegrass, country,and old country, and gospel bluegrass.they did okay.they had a little boy in the group that could eat that mandolin up,lol.., and he just grinned all the time, tres cute!!!
anyway, a special thing that was such a blessing was that my daddy attended the program tonight. after we got home tonight, he called. he told me that they needed to let me sing more, and that he really enjoyed it,lol,lol,and praise the LORD!!!!
he said he had a blast. i was thrilled.
we were all so tired when we got home. chris fell asleep on the couch. we had a full day today. we had to go father's day shopping, and i visited ''my special shops'', that i like to visit, and we came home and did a little yard work, and then crashed in the pool!!!, ahhhh, so refreshing!!!


Happymama said...
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Happymama said...

Sounds like fun. I'm glad your dad had such a good time.