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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

summer breeze, makes me feel fine

do ya remember that song?? the mood of that song kind of depicts the feel of the air right now, outside. tonight, there is a ''summer breeze'' in the air. it feels great and cooler to me, and a lot better compared to these hot, muggy, evenings.we just came in from watering the garden, and we picked some pepper and a few tomatoes.i love home grown tomato sandwiches with mayo,(ONLY DUKE'S), ans salt and pepper. whew!! shut your mouth!!!and also, add a pod of pepper with it.. now, that is some good eatin lol!!!! put some south in your mouth!!!

we sat out on the front porch for a little was great and relaxing. i decided to update the blog. this weekend, we are having my nephew's graduation party on friday night. he graduated last tuesday night, i have not posted any pics yet, of his graduation. i was wanting to wait till the party to show them. so, stay tuned for his graduation pics..
i am now off for a few days, yes!!! a time to relax and get some things done around home!!! i hope ya enjoy your night, and enjoy these summer breezes!...and i hope they make ya feel fine!!!


The Sisters said...

Hi Dana,
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the summer breeze we had! we sure need more of them! lol with all of this heat during the daytime.

Have a great day!

Lisa said...

I love a good ole Mater sanwhich :)
in the summer time. Have a great weekend. HUGS Lisa