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Monday, June 9, 2008

a trip for ice cream

today, my mom called and wanted to take a trip for ice cream. well, that is not the whole truth. the whole truth is and was that she wanted to go to a discount grocery store in a neighboring town, and go to roses. she had to kind of ''bribe'' my nephew, drake, into going, and not staying with pawpaw hoot, because he was bailing hay. yes, bailing hay in this heat. you can't tell him anything, trust me, lol..!!
so, we told drake we would go eat lunch at mc'd's, and if he was good while we shopped, a great, cool, treat, ice cream. oh, by the way, i ran into a friend today, i had not seen in a while, but i did see her and talk to her today. and, it is really ironic. i was really thinking about her and her family a few days ago, the LORD laid her on my heart. it was really neat to talk to her today, and to catch up on how she has been. we exchanged phone numbers, hoping to meet soon for a nice lunch.
we stopped for ice cream at this little hole in the wall kind of place. we each got a different flavor. i got butter pecan, mom got cookies and cream, and the drakester got strawberry, but to him, it is scrawberry,lol,lol... anyway, he ate some of his, but tended to sample mom's several times... most of the time to be exact!!!!!
we came back home, and he ''thought'' about jumping in the pool, but changed his mind.he played xbox, instead.
he said he enjoyed being out today, i was ready to get back in the cool a/c myself. chris came home, and we went for a quick bite for supper, before heading to the grocery store for a few things.i did find some ice cream today, that was ''ice cream sandwich'' flavored. it was very good. hope yall have a great day, and if ya get too hot, cool off with some ice cream, no matter how old ya are, it is still good for the soul!!!!, and makes ya still feel like a kid!!


Happymama said...

You got that right, sista! I bought some waffle cones the other day and a big bucket of ice cream for these hot days ahead. MMMMmmm

Drake is the cutest little fella.


Lisa said...

I love Icecream sandwhichs yummy!
Take Care~ Lisa