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Sunday, June 22, 2008

party time

i finally got to download the graduation pictures, and the pictures of ethan's graduation party. we had his party friday night. the first pics are of his graduation.

we arrived an hour and a half before the ceromony was to begin. they were expecting a huge crowd, and they got what they were expecting, a HUGE crowd.
this is my bigeye, just right after the graduation had ended. he was all smiles!!!
this is him and his sweetie, brooke.
this is me and my gang after graduation. we was so proud of ethan!!

we had grilled chicken, salad, baked potatoes, rolls,hotdogs, chips, and all kinds of dessert.

ethan recieved a lot of money from all of his guests.i asked him could i take out a loan.. his parents were able to give him a BIG present for graduation. here is them presenting his ''check''!!!

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Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Ethan seems like a very nice young man. I wish him the very best life has to offer.
Love ya. Lisa