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Monday, December 6, 2010

Get A Life

I feel as though I may need to clear my mind or ''tell it as it is'' on some things that have occured over the past week... I have had this brewing for a few days now.. It may seem a little bitter, I am NOT bitter, just mainly hurt.. but I know the Lord is going to take care of this situation along with another situation my FAMILY and I have dealt with for over a year now.. you know, people will fail you.... some of these people used to be people you actually spent quality time with on a regular basis..some sat in the same church as you did, some actually , were really close.. you watched relationships form, and some of these people you thought would be the last ones to do certain things...WRONG!!!

I have a little message for these certain people...Get a LIFE!!!! if you have time to down other people's character, and tell false things about someone or something that you know is NOT true..Get a LIFE!!! if you have time to sit around the computer and stir up mischeif about someone and try to ruin their testimony, GET A real ((JOB )) FIRST, THEN get a life!!!!!!

If you have time to go behind closed doors, and try to figure out ways to ''take something from someone'' that you know rightfully is their's to begin with, you need to get a life, while I get me a good lawyer...... ''Thou shalt NOT steal'' IT is a commandment.. and the sad thing about this is, these ''people'' are putting their trust in worldy things, than the things of GOD...shame, shame... It is also shameful because they have not put their heart and lives into this, and something that my family has worked Hard for all these years... and now, it seems as though it is is gone..gone forever...hmmmm.. but my father owns the cattle on the thousand hills, and he owns everything on those hills as well.. I just know, I could not be that envious and look my own family in the eye.. and know I had done something like that.. That is hurtful..and deceitful. The LORD WILL DEAL WITH THOSE PEOPLE.. and somwhere down the line, it will come back to bite them.. just sayin..He will judge..

envy is such a bad thing...and always relates in evil doings..

James 3 :16 For where envy and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

People do things and for the most part do them with intentions to destroy someone or their testimony..some people are just jealous of others.

Pride is something that along this same line too... Pride will keep a man or woman from serving God with their WHOLE heart.. They let things and other people stand in the way of giving it ALL to Him...

Proverbs 28: 25-26 He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat. He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.

I know my LORD is gonna stand by me, and my family, and my other friends . W e put our full trust in Him.. HE has never failed, never let us down, and we are gonna keep on keeping on for Him.... and for those people, get God in YOUR hearts, and then everything else along with your Life will fall into place....

Repent.. repent and ask God to forgive you of your wrong.. Ask the other person for forgiveness..and quit the things you are doing...

Repentance was perhaps best defined by a lille girl that said, '' It's to be sorry enough to quit."

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Kristi said...

Mmm! How 'bout preachin' a little bit, girl?
Yeah, I'm right there with ya. People need to get a life!

Love ya, buddy!